Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just when I think I am getting over all the illnesses and discomforts that have come my way of late, along comes another set.. As previously mentioned, I had some severe constipation, so on evacuation, it seems I have caused myself my first and hopefully only ever episode of a heamoroid (however it's spelled).. but as if that could be the worst of my fricken problems.. nooooo, lets kick her whilst she's down, my body says... I have also been bleeding ( uhh hum... down there, front side).. I am not due for aunt flow yet, thats still about a week away, and am on the contreceptive pill. So therefore, there is no reason for me to be bleeding.. My cycle is always like clockwork, so initially I thought that perhaps because I strained a little too much for the bowel activity it may have caused this bleeding.. But apparently thats not likely.. So, after trying to self diagnose and worrying myself sick, I made an appointment with my last choice doctor.. (this doctor is a real dumb ass to put it politely)... until I go back to see Dr Duncombe..A dumb ass doctor you may be wondering.. Yes.. this is a doctor who once wrongly diagnosed my personal lady issue, and told me that i had an STI (Sexually transmitted infection)... then prescribed bowel and stomach cleansing medication.. WTF!?!?!.. I near had a damn breakdown because of it, thinking.. HOW could I have got this?? Questioning hubby and all.. untill hubby begged me to go to another doctor for a second opinion, as he knew for a fact that he had been faithfull.. So off I went to another GP, only to find out that it was a form of dermatitis (Super sensitive down there, almost like a super bad thrush) ... ANYWAY... sorry for getting graphic.. So today I get in and see this idiot, and explain my situation, and tell him that I have also been a little nauseated.. He said, that the nausea would be because of the band and maybe I am over eating which is causing the nausea.. I could have punched him.. So I was sitting there wishing I hadnt bothered.. then he told me he would do a pap smear, and check to see if it was my cervix that was bleeding.. Apparently it was ok, although he could see some bleeding, but didnt even do a pelvic exam to check for any other reason..then said, maybe it's hormoanal. And he will call me in 2 days for the pap results.. Excuse me, and let me vent.. he is a Fucking Moron...Anyway, enough about my health woes.. After my appointment, I met up with my parents for lunch, mum was raving about this new little local cafe that they had lunch at yesterday, and I thought I would join them this time.. This (pictured below) is what I had...

Seared Chicken with char grilled eggplant and capsicum on a bed of rocket, with aoli..
It was ok, not really my cup of tea.. But I was suprised at how full I got after eating so little. Maybe this -1ml was a good thing..
Anyway, I best be getting offline, I promised to take the kids for a treat..
xx Nene

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello All, Well let me start by saying, I had a shitty week end.. I was in such discomfort with my band and it's restriction that I would have ripped the damn thing out myself if i could have.. You see, as I have mentioned previously, I have had some ( sometimes a little too tight restriction, fishes ass kind of tight)restriction.. Only this past week end, it reached it's all time tightest, so tight that I was feeling a constant pressure around the site where my band is situated, I had nausea at times, I couldnt even keep down moist soggy weetbix with lots of milk, EVERYTHING was getting stuck and making a quick comeback. I had also gotten myself into a severe state of constipation.. I had a big pocket of air inside my stomach, bring pains to the right side of my navel, and it hurt to stand, sit, walk, lay on my side..
I did however use a suppositary to evacuate, but obviously not enough to relieve my pain, so then I start to think more sinister thoughts of what on earth could be wrong with me.. cit a long story short.. I called the doctor yesterday morning, and told her what was going on, she told me to come straight in.. So I did... I explained my situation to her about not being able to eat, and that although I have had good restriction, it hadnt been a problem up untill the week end, so she said that it's possible that my stomach (band site) is enflamed from a PB or a stuckage.. So she took out 1 ml whcih gave me almost immidiate relief. Also whilst up on the bad, I told her about the pains on the right side of my stomach, she had a feel and said "Oh dear, it's very gurgly, are you constipated?"I told her that i had been, and that I had evacuated, she said "Obviously not enough".. So i need to get me some fast acting laxatives.. Fast acting, because i cant afford to take one on the ones that works overnight, and then for it not to kick in untill I get to work.. That would not be fun at all. LOL

Soo, after getting my unfill, I met up with a friend, and when it came around to lunch time, we were in an eatery and I got nervous, as to what I would be able to eat without making the mad dash to the bathrooms.. I ordered a Doner Kebab, and picked out the middle of it.. I got about 1/2 way though it, and got very full, which is a feeling that I havent had for quite a while "Eating and getting full, not stuck".. It automatically gave me a little more energy to have something in my stomach.

Suprisingly though, on the weight front, I havent lost anything more since reaching my 40kg loss.. Which pisses me off, because occassionally, I see the scales float above it, and it's not a good feeling at all. Maybe now I will see them move, because I can now make better food choices without worrying about what will be able to get down..

Ohh, I did however go for a good walk on sunday afternoon.. It was soo nice. I kept a good fast pace, and even jogged occassionaly, and suprisingly I didnt feel like I was breathless or going to die at the end of it. The thing that spurred me on to go for a walk was the fact that I got my first sports bra on sunday.. I had to test it out.. And I do think that it made a difference, because there was less to joggle about when I jogged, so it didnt knock the wind out of me. I'll be going again this afternoon. I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, bit of a boring post today... till next time
xx Nene

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello again.. still feel shitty, but am at work today, so no more laying around feeling sorry for myself.. I have been catching up on some blogs, and have noticed that there is a blogging awards thing going on.. I just want to say that I wont be posting a nomination on that because I sat trying to think of how I would line them up in what order, and came to the conclusion that each and every blog is just as wonderful and special as the next. I try to keep on top of all the latest posts of the blogs that I follow, and love to follow all your stories. You are all so super fantastic in your own ways and for many different reason. So to make a list is too hard for me, because who would I put at the top?? All if I could.. Everybody's acheivements however big or small, are worth celebrating, and by blogging and reading blogs, it is so nice to share those celebrations. To be honest, I didnt read any lapband blogs before deciding to get banded. I didnt want to know that one person couldnt have this or that, and another spends alot of time PBing, etc... I didnt want anything to change my decision. All I thought was, I'm gonna get this thing, and deal with the rest as it happens.. I'm glad I did it that way, or I'm pretty sure I would have chickened out.

Today the weather is overcast and a little showery which has dropped the temperature dramatically as compared to the disgusting heat over the last few days, so once again, the pie oven beckons me.. "Ring a bell, Sandy? " the Chicken & Broccoli pie is calling me, it doesnt want to go with any feral stinking work man today, it wants to sit out in the back office with me, and be eaten slowly and wastefully.. My reasoning is, it has chicken ( protien) and Broccoli (vegetable).. so how bad can it be?? it's not like I can eat the pastry, which I am pretty sure is the fattening part... Perhaps I'll just sip some more Weight Watchers rasberry cordial, and see how much longer I can fight the urge...

Another random thought.. I've decided that lately I have been a little on the boring side... this week end, when hubby asks "What are the plans?" I'm going to have an answer... right now, I would have any idea of what we will do, but blow me down and call me Dorothy, I'm gonna think of something.. I'm sick of being the person that when asked "So what have you been up to?" replies, "Nothing much".. I want to be able to say.. I've done this, we went here, blah blah blah.. But I guess the fact that we are trying to save as much as possible doesnt help the week end fun factor.. We'll see just how inventive I can be..

Well it seems, I best be clearing the desk, I think that pie just picked up a megaphone and screamed my name.. lol
xx Nene

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey everyone, well I still feel like several different types of shit, and I managed to score another day off because of it.. But seriously, my parents know that I really dont often get sick, so they take my word for it when I am. I am still really quite breathless, and went to the doc to see if I need any meds.. Nope, he told me to just relax and take paracetamol.. Shit, I could have saved myself a trip to see him, if I'd have known that was the case. I am still having feverish sweats too, which says to me that this is more of a flu that just a cold. The doc didnt really tell me what it is, barely even spoke to me for that matter.
So after taking the kids to school and daycare this morning, I decided to go down to blockbuster to return the movies I got yesterday, and take advantage of their Cheap Tuesday Specials.. So I got out the movie Bruno.. and OMG!!! I couldnt believe the crudity of it.. LOL.. I got another movie called Funny People, but I havent watched it yet.
I feel really restless, after laying on the couch to watch one movie, I got up and thought I might take a shower, then decided to put on a load of washing, then went back to have a shower, then decided to check facebook, then sat on the couch for a bit again.. I feel like I'm going in circles.. my head is anyway, fell lightheaded..Ohh thats right, back to my blockbuster story.. when I went in , I chose the moves that I wanted, and as the lady behind the counter was serving me, she said "Your Shrinking" with a smile.. I was flattered that a total stranger had noticed.. and as shitty as I looked and feel, I walked out of there with a bounce in my step.

Now, for those of you who have had a Body Wrap.. please let me know what you think of them.. I am thinking of going in to the dayspa next thursday to get one.. But at $155, I want to make sure it's worth going for.. This will be my treat for getting to the 40kg weightloss.. I have heard that it helps to tighten, firm, reduce.. blah blah blah.. I just know that I sure could do with some firming and tightening.. but as long as it doesnt further reduce the size of my saggy sucked mango seed breasts.. I've got them well trained to sit high in my bra for vanity purposes, I just couldnt afford to lose any more of their size. I've been waiting so long for them to sit out further than my stomach, and I'm almost there..

Oh just another thought.. isnt is strange how when you have lost a substantial amount of weight from your stomach, it looks like a balloon that has been blown up and deflated too many times.. It kind of feels the same too. I just look down it my wrinkled stomach, and think of them as my battle scars for now.. but I really think that a tummy tuck will be in order at some stage.. You see I have full mirrored built in wardrobe doors in my bedroom, and it is so not pretty when I happen to catch a glimpse side on when I am ummmm... doing the marital stomach sags like its been vaccum sucked somehow.. hard to explain, will take a G rated pic one day.. LOL sorry for a little TMI..However, when i lay on my back, my stomach looks so good and flat..
Anyway, I just might go and take a relaxing bath and relax before I have to pick up the noise makers.
xx Nene

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey everyone.. I am sorry that I havent posted a Vlog as promised, but I am sick. Sick with a stupid rotten summer cold.. Runny nose, hot flushes, extremely tired, heavy head and short of breath.. Throw all that together with no make-up and messy hair, it's not a good look. I also find that I am hungry.. BUT I cant have more than 2 mouthfulls of I get full. Now I know this is a good thing really.. BUT I WANT COMFORT FOOD!!! and to be able to enjoy it.. I dont get sick that often, so when I do, it really hits me. I even called my parents and told them I wouldnt be in to work this afternoon.
My sister has informed me that I really should be taking iron tablets.. because I told her that my bowel movements are slightly green in colour (sorry for the TMI).. but you might learn from it.. As well as the fact I cant shake the tiredness (even before I got this cold)...I'll start them today.
Well I'm keeping this post short, because Ayisha wants us to go to Blockbuster and get a movie.
Have yourselves a good day/night.. Oh and Happy Valentines Day for yesterday..
xx Nene

Friday, February 12, 2010


ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!!! is all I can say.. I woke yesterday morning, and did the usual, yup... you guessed it.. Jumped on the scales.. and you know what it read.. 106.4kg (234lb).. so now I have officialy lost 40.2kg.. Woohoo.. So I went 2 weeks over the 12 month bandiversary to do it, but I'm ok with that. And yes I promised you a Vlog when I made it, so I will endeavor to make one today.. I did try several times yesterday, and looked and felt like a prized dickhead.. Will try a few more takes today.. lol.
It was really kind of a strange feeling yesterday, having finally achieved that loss, almost felt like a mini birthday or something.. But moving onwards, my next goal is to get under 100kg by Easter. Which means losing 6.5kg (14.3lb) by 4th April. I'm pretty sure it's achievable. So here's hoping.
Admittedly, I thought back at full weight that when I had lost 40kg, I would have been smaller than I am. But then, when I look at the Vlogs that Í have been trying to do, I see myself as being smaller than I feel. Is it in my mind or my body..? But one thing is for sure, I feel a whole lot better with the weight off than on. I dont seem to be suffering from the summer heat as much as I would have before. I dont mind parking far away from the shops to make the extra walk. I dont get puffed on taking the stairs. etc..
I am tempted to get my hair cut in celebration of this event. As you all, well those of you that have been following my blog for quite a while, may have noticed that my hair has grown quite a bit since my last cut (My 30th Birthday, June 2009).. I am tempted to get that same style cut again, but not quite as short. Now that my face has slimmed down some more since then, it might look a little better, and so much easier to look after. My hair has now gotten to a length that I am torn about getting it cut.. Because now I can put it up, but I find that I put it up and thats about it, there's not much style to it.. What do you all think??
Anyway, I best be getting ready for work. I will try to Vlog for you some time today..
xx Nene

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This afternoon after work (I am at work right now).. I am meeting up with a friend that I havent seen for over 10 years. Well since just before I got pregnant with Montel (he'll be 10 in march).. She is visiting over here from London. You see she (Sheridan) was raised here by her grandparents and I met her through a mutual friend, and we became better friends than the girl that introduced us. You see, all those years ago, I was supposed to go to England with Sheridan to work in the pub that her mother managed.. However when planning this, I happened to come accross my hubby whom I met online, and instead of flying to London, I flew to Malaysia to meet my now husband. And Sheridan went on her own to England. She has been there ever since, and only in the last year or so, through facebook, we have gotten in contact again. In this time, she has stuck with her dancing ( she always made up routines for us), she now teaches a dance troupe, and she also works as a fitness instructor at a gym.. I can only imagine how good her body is going to be when I see her, and it kind of has me feeling a little shy of seeing her.. I mean, she never saw me at my biggest, so she wont realise how far I have come. I am pretty much around the same size as the last time she saw me.. Which is ok, but i kind of feel like after all this weightloss, I want her to see something... Ohh I dont know it's hard to explain. but I will see, she always has been very self critical, and non judgemental.. So it should be fine. but going back to me leaving for Malaysia and her for England, I sometimes wonder of what my life would have been like if i did go with her?? Would I have ended up this fricken fat??? .. no no, I wont get bitter.. I have 2 beautiful children from my choice and as painfull as they can sometimes be, I wouldnt trade them for anything.

Scale news.. Well, I am so close, so so damn close to my 40kg (88lb) loss, that perhaps if I could squeeze out a good bowel movement, I just might be able to hit it. monday morning, i bounced out of bed, thinking that it would be the day.. and it almost was at 106.8kg.. I was only .2 of a kg (.4lb) away.. then yesterday I woke 106.9 and today 106.9kg (235lb).. dammit.. shit..dammit shit... now the scales are teasing me, and probably laughing their mechanical ass off at me.. I want to have hit it by sunday.. Please scales.. please.. So now for a bit of extra info.. I seem to have my biggest losses around my period.. then plataue for the time in between.. I thought it would work differently, with the bloating and all.. I do not want to wait till my next cycle to got to my 40kg goal.. So untill then, you still get no vlog.. Oh , I got a question for those of you who do Vlog.. how can you run so smoothly through what you have to say?? Do you pre-write it or?? I get so freakin nervous, I have been practicing..

Well I best be finding some shelves to stock, before I finish..
Have a good day/night, depending on which side of the world you are.
xx Nene

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On Sunday morning, hubby had a friend over and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to leave the kids at home, and head to my fave shop at the moment (Crossroads Without the kids, I wouldnt have to cling to the curtain of the changeroom, because Ayisha thinks it's fun to play hide and seek, and show my granny knickers covered ass to the whole shop.. So, now that I have given you all a grusome vision, I will continue on with my story.. Off I went to the shops, and I came accross a top in my fave colour. As you will have seen me wearing in the pictures at the beginning of this blog, I was always wearing the salmon / watermellon / pinky coloured tops. Now this top I came across is a colour under that category, and although I have not really ever worn a frilly top like this, I loved the colour, and sheer fabric (lightweight, no ironing, quick dry) and thought I would get it.. I also found myself a new pair of 3/4 length jeans. So super comfortable, slightly stretchy, and fit so damn perfect, I wonder if they secretly made them for me. ha ha.. Oh, and the most important bit of news about these jeans is that they are a sz 18.. Yes, I can now wear size 18 jeans.. Woop Woop!!! (happy dance) ok, now this brings me to the next item in my shopping spree.. A new beige knee length pencil style skirt.. I've never owned anything like this, and was a bit iffy about it.. but tried it on, it went with the top, and right now I'm all about trying something new (style wise).. What do you all thinkk?? I'm loving that I am looking smaller in this pic
Thought I'd add the booty shot, just for good measure..

And the skirt..the tops a bit see through, gotta get a cami for it. Just another excuse to hit the shops.
xx Nene

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Let me just say, this fill is rockin' my world. Or should I say scales.. I am now only 1kg away from my 40kg loss.. And when I hit that 40kg mark (106.6kg), I will celebrate by doing another VLOG.. and yes, this time it will be in much better light. But just bare with me.. I am still new to the whole Vloging thing, and it takes a whole lotta takes to come up with something that you all may find remotely interesting.
Something in the last week has changed.. I am no longer grazing or thinking of food all damn day long. I know this wont last, as it tends to go through phases.. But it is so good right now. But then again, I have been hectically busy with the kids going back to school, running the shop and dealing with the ever lovely dose of head lice.. Yes, that's right.. Both my kids have had nits.. Damn it to hell.. Nits/head lice are bad at the best of times i.e in Caucasian hair.. Now you all have seen pictures of my daughter Ayisha.. imagine running a nit comb though her hair..It is my worst nightmare. I think I just might be on top of the situation now though, and as I have been feeling a bit itchy too (not sure if its sympathy itch) so for good measure I am putting a hair dye through my hair to cover the greys and kill off anything that may be lurking around in my tresses. I would die of embarrassment if I went to my salon to get my hair cut and was told that I too have lice. Oh the joys of motherhood..But what really jerks my gherkin, is the mothers who send their kids to school, knowing full well that their kid is scratching like a gambling addict.. Same as when the send their child to school with contagious illnesses for mine and other innocent kids to get and bring home to share with the family. Enough ranting..

So, when I last blogged, I was about to go shopping with my grandmother.. it didn't turn out too bad, she did behave herself by not abusing people, no road rage incidents, and chit chat with strangers was minimal, as she had Ayisha to chat to.. I did however score well when it came to bargains. I got myself 3 dresses, at a cost of $10 each, and 3 little shrug/bolero style cardi's @ $6.95 each.. cant complain about that.. also got me some bargain make-up foundation.. I use Revlon Color-Stay foundation, and usually it is around $36, but noooo, I got it for $23.. Woohoo.. Oh how I love productive shopping days.. Ayisha also scored.. she got a Disney Perfume Pack.. now my good fragrances might last me a bit longer..

My friend Wendy was banded on Thursday. She is out of hospital and feeling very sore and kind of wondering what the hell she has done. I wish her all the best, and have given her the web address for any extra tips and ideas.. I'm not sure that she is all that interested. In saying that, I don't know how I would have got by if I didn't have my blog base friends and followers. Admittedly though, in the beginning when deciding to be banded, I never wanted to read blogs, or lapbandtalk, because I didn't want to find any excuse not to get it done. I made my decision strictly because a customer of mine who had long been at war with her weight, had it done and lost 40kg in 8 months. She only spoke highly of the band, which made me want it badly. And OK , it has taken me nearly 5 months longer than her to lose that amount, but I am so glad that I did it. I just didn't want to read about pain or vomiting, or hearing what foods I wouldn't be able to eat.. I just focussed on the end result.. WEIGHT LOSS..
As I mentioned in my previous VLOG, my sister has been having a few problems, freeing up money from her super annuation to get her band done.. She was originally supposed to get her band last Tuesday, but because of this mongrel company, she wasn't able to and now has to wait till April.. It's really hard for me to see, because the more I see my sister, I see my old self.. I see her give up about weight, and not caring what bad foods she eats, and she no longer wants to go anywhere or do anything.. She is depressed, and it is hard to watch. I know exactly how she feels, as I was there just a little over a year ago. It also makes it hard for me to hare my new weight loss milestones with her, because it would be bittersweet for her to hear.
Well I best finish up here and get my tired eyes to bed. Hubby went out with the guys tonight, and I've had a few too many vodkas..
Have a great weekend all..
xx Nene

Thursday, February 4, 2010


OK, here is a pic of my tattoo for Sandi Lee.. It is on the middle of my lower back, only very small.. But there is a funny kind of story behind it.. You see my best friend at the time and I were looking for something small to get tattoo'd on us that we both liked ( we were getting matching tattoo's same places).. Anyway, we settles with this one which I got from the back of a Janet Jackson CD cover, however, on the cover, it was up the other way, but I told the tatooist that I wanted it up the other way.. Anyway, this is what we got, (I was 18 at the time).. Fast forward a few years, after meeting hubby, we went to his home country, and I was shocked to find that this is actually one of their national spiritual symbols. I was like WHAT??? Proves that there was something bring hubby and me together.. hmmmmmm The pic below is me and my boy this morning, I wanted to take this pic to represent the weight that i have lost.. Although it's not a real good shot, because Ayisha was standing on the kitchen bench to take it, if she took it from the floor, she would have only got our feet in..38kg loss

OH DEAR!!! I cant believe I am posting this pic.. as you can see, I have not a sceric of make up on, hair isnt done.. Ohh lordy.. me at my most vulnerable. This pic doesnt do me or my new dress wonders, but now you have a basic visual of it.. I will take another pic when it fits much better.. and I will be wearing make up.. oh and might possibly need a spray tan.. lol.. look at my white legs.

Well girls, I'm ready to hit the shops with my Nan.. God help me.. She talks to anyone in sight, has the worst road rage, and complains when she doesnt like the simplest of things.. AArrgghh...Wish me luck.
xx Nene

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have come to the realisation.. I have lost my sons weight.. meaning.. my son weighs 38kg, which is exactly what I have lost.. When I look at my boy, then think I have lost a whole small human in weight. I know for a fact that I couldnt pick my son up and carry him on my back, so i sit in wonder.. HOW could I have carried that much extra weight around and not have my legs buckle from under me?!?!?! I am finally at the weight I was when I just had Montel nearly 10 years ago. However, my body is far from the same. My stomach sags, my breasts are... well lets just say, they look tragic.. lol.. hubby doesnt care, he's a typical African.. breasts are for feeding babies, he prefers for me to have a "Booty" .. I still have that... and some serious saddle bags and hips. But I look back to then, and I wasnt happy with my body then.. I look back to times when I was a bit smaller than that too, and still wasnt happy.. I have always been self concious about my body. I have alsways had friends who are smaller in size than me. I thought when I was 146kg that I would feel super fantastic when I got down near 100kg.. and ok, I do feel better, much better than I did.. But I still I focus on all my imperfections.
Oh has anybody noticed that they have more veins in their legs since losing weight.. I have come out with some very visible purple veins on both legs. I'm pretty sure they werent always there.
Another thing that I have noticed with weightloss.. now this might sound strange.. the underside of my saggy titties are always itchy.. I think there might be a few stretchmarks forming.. stretching from the sag.. LOL Just when I try to get things with my body on track, nature just decides to throw a few extra things in the mix, just to piss me off..

I cancelled my fill apointment yesterday because in the last week the scales have been steadily moving down, and thought it would be a waste of a drive over ( only 20 mins) just to check in.. And ironicly today I feel like I could handle a bit more restriction, when in the last week, my band has been tighter than a fishes "A" hole. Oh the glory on the menstual cycle. NOT!!!

Oh, I bought a new dress.. It's a size 18 from Tar Jay (Target), and is a bit of a "going out" kind of dress.. it can be worn halter neck style of strapless. It is knee length and in a lined satiny fabric. Colours are black and white.. When I bought it last week, just a day before my bandiversary, it didnt do up.. (it has a side zipper) .. but this morning, I tried it again, and it did up.. Oh yes, it was a struggle, with me holding it together, and getting Montel to zip it up, but by golly, it did up.. I got him to take pics, and I look like shit in the pics, but I will post them tomorrow. It is a fitted design at the top and drops out just above the hip.. hard to explain, but very feminine and I love it.. Now I just gotta find a place to wear it to. Perhaps I will persuade hubby to take me out for valentines day, it will fit better by then I hope..

Well I best be getting back to work. Have yourselves a lovely day/night..
xx Nene

Monday, February 1, 2010

Q's & A's

1. What time did you get up this morning?
5.45am (I like to get up early when I can, to have "me time" before the kids get up.
2. How do you like your steak?
When I could eat it, I liked it well done
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakwel (cute)
4. What is your favourite TV show?
I have a few, Neighbors, The Hills, Kardashians, First 48, Cops
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
There's no place like home, and I'm happy here
6. What did you have for breakfast?
Cup of tea ( nothing much else gets down early in the day
7. What is your favourite cuisine?
Asian or West African Foods, both are so full of spice and flavor
8. What foods do you dislike?
Sardines, anchovies, tuna.. anything fishy
9. Favourite place to eat?
Sizzler, although, preband it was much more fun and enjoyable..
10. Favourite dressing?
Ceasar or Thousand Island
11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Toyota Aurion Sportivo (Oh how I love my car)
12. What are your favourite clothes?
Any that arent plus sized.. am kind of sick of wearing the same stuff at the moment though
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
I would visit a few of my good bandster buddies.. Worldwide.. and of course Ghana to see my inlaws (I will be in December)
14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
Depends what time of the month it is.. lol
15. Where would you want to retire?.
Too far away to think about, but definately not in a nursing home
16. Favourite time of day?
Night time, Bed time for a few different reasons ;)
17. Where were you born?
Redcliffe, QLD, Australia.. Lived here ever since
18. What is your favourite sport to watch?
The mens running in the olympics.. Hot buff black men in tight tight tiny shorts.. Such a shame its only on every 4 years.. LOL
19. Bird watcher?
Ummm No, well actually, I do watch out for the swooping Magpies to make sure they dont attack me
20. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Depends on the day or any events planned
21. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
The scales are moving again
22. What did you want to be when you were little?
A hairdresser, a shop keeper (loved my toy cash register)... but most of all a mum
23. What is your best childhood memory?
I have many, I love my family. A funny memory was sucking all the gas from the softdrink that I was sharing in the back of the car with my sister and her friend, then throwing up all over them.. LMAO
24. Are you a cat or dog person?
25. Are you married?
Yes (10 years coming up in May)
26. Always wear your seat belt?
Yes, because my alarm wont go off till I click it in... dammit
27. Been in a car accident?
Yes, but not serious
28. Any pet peeves?
People not being on time, people with no manners, smelly people with body odour or bad breath. Oh and people smoking in their cars with the windows up and they have children in the car.
29. Favourite Pizza Toppings?
Ham Cheese and Pineapple
30. Favourite Flower?
31. Favourite ice cream?
Soft Serve
32. Favourite fast food restaurant?
Subway of Hungry Jacks (Burger King)
33. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
Got it the first time
34. From whom did you get your last email?
Ebay, I won what I had bidded on
35. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
Flightcentre (am in the mood for travel) or maybe a furniture store..
36. Do anything spontaneous lately?
Cant say I have.. I plan too much..
37. Broccoli?
Damn those tasty Chicken and Broccoli pies at my shop.. YUM!!!
38. What was your favourite vacation?
Bangkok Thailand.. Oh the shopping.. Friendly Service, and did I mention the shopping..???
39. Last person you went out to dinner with?
Hubby & kids
40. What are you listening to right now?
Playhouse Disney and Ayisha singing along
41. What is your favourite colour?
Anything bright and cheerful
42. How many tattoos do you have?
43. Coffee drinker?
Nope, love the smell, but not the taste.. Chai Latte for me..

xx Nene