Saturday, February 6, 2010


Let me just say, this fill is rockin' my world. Or should I say scales.. I am now only 1kg away from my 40kg loss.. And when I hit that 40kg mark (106.6kg), I will celebrate by doing another VLOG.. and yes, this time it will be in much better light. But just bare with me.. I am still new to the whole Vloging thing, and it takes a whole lotta takes to come up with something that you all may find remotely interesting.
Something in the last week has changed.. I am no longer grazing or thinking of food all damn day long. I know this wont last, as it tends to go through phases.. But it is so good right now. But then again, I have been hectically busy with the kids going back to school, running the shop and dealing with the ever lovely dose of head lice.. Yes, that's right.. Both my kids have had nits.. Damn it to hell.. Nits/head lice are bad at the best of times i.e in Caucasian hair.. Now you all have seen pictures of my daughter Ayisha.. imagine running a nit comb though her hair..It is my worst nightmare. I think I just might be on top of the situation now though, and as I have been feeling a bit itchy too (not sure if its sympathy itch) so for good measure I am putting a hair dye through my hair to cover the greys and kill off anything that may be lurking around in my tresses. I would die of embarrassment if I went to my salon to get my hair cut and was told that I too have lice. Oh the joys of motherhood..But what really jerks my gherkin, is the mothers who send their kids to school, knowing full well that their kid is scratching like a gambling addict.. Same as when the send their child to school with contagious illnesses for mine and other innocent kids to get and bring home to share with the family. Enough ranting..

So, when I last blogged, I was about to go shopping with my grandmother.. it didn't turn out too bad, she did behave herself by not abusing people, no road rage incidents, and chit chat with strangers was minimal, as she had Ayisha to chat to.. I did however score well when it came to bargains. I got myself 3 dresses, at a cost of $10 each, and 3 little shrug/bolero style cardi's @ $6.95 each.. cant complain about that.. also got me some bargain make-up foundation.. I use Revlon Color-Stay foundation, and usually it is around $36, but noooo, I got it for $23.. Woohoo.. Oh how I love productive shopping days.. Ayisha also scored.. she got a Disney Perfume Pack.. now my good fragrances might last me a bit longer..

My friend Wendy was banded on Thursday. She is out of hospital and feeling very sore and kind of wondering what the hell she has done. I wish her all the best, and have given her the web address for any extra tips and ideas.. I'm not sure that she is all that interested. In saying that, I don't know how I would have got by if I didn't have my blog base friends and followers. Admittedly though, in the beginning when deciding to be banded, I never wanted to read blogs, or lapbandtalk, because I didn't want to find any excuse not to get it done. I made my decision strictly because a customer of mine who had long been at war with her weight, had it done and lost 40kg in 8 months. She only spoke highly of the band, which made me want it badly. And OK , it has taken me nearly 5 months longer than her to lose that amount, but I am so glad that I did it. I just didn't want to read about pain or vomiting, or hearing what foods I wouldn't be able to eat.. I just focussed on the end result.. WEIGHT LOSS..
As I mentioned in my previous VLOG, my sister has been having a few problems, freeing up money from her super annuation to get her band done.. She was originally supposed to get her band last Tuesday, but because of this mongrel company, she wasn't able to and now has to wait till April.. It's really hard for me to see, because the more I see my sister, I see my old self.. I see her give up about weight, and not caring what bad foods she eats, and she no longer wants to go anywhere or do anything.. She is depressed, and it is hard to watch. I know exactly how she feels, as I was there just a little over a year ago. It also makes it hard for me to hare my new weight loss milestones with her, because it would be bittersweet for her to hear.
Well I best finish up here and get my tired eyes to bed. Hubby went out with the guys tonight, and I've had a few too many vodkas..
Have a great weekend all..
xx Nene

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  1. Congrats on the loss and bargain scores!!! I am so sorry for your sister but there is still hope...April!!!! Fingers crossed. As for the lice issue....I so hear you about the ones who send their kids to school with it. They are insidious creatures. Just to warn you though my hair dresser said that the chemicals from dye etc DO NOT kill them...but a straighning iron burns the eggs. That would still be hard in your kids IS bad enough in causasian hair. I retreat every few days to kill any buggars that escaped me when they hatch. Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to your vlog...