Friday, February 12, 2010


ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!!! is all I can say.. I woke yesterday morning, and did the usual, yup... you guessed it.. Jumped on the scales.. and you know what it read.. 106.4kg (234lb).. so now I have officialy lost 40.2kg.. Woohoo.. So I went 2 weeks over the 12 month bandiversary to do it, but I'm ok with that. And yes I promised you a Vlog when I made it, so I will endeavor to make one today.. I did try several times yesterday, and looked and felt like a prized dickhead.. Will try a few more takes today.. lol.
It was really kind of a strange feeling yesterday, having finally achieved that loss, almost felt like a mini birthday or something.. But moving onwards, my next goal is to get under 100kg by Easter. Which means losing 6.5kg (14.3lb) by 4th April. I'm pretty sure it's achievable. So here's hoping.
Admittedly, I thought back at full weight that when I had lost 40kg, I would have been smaller than I am. But then, when I look at the Vlogs that Í have been trying to do, I see myself as being smaller than I feel. Is it in my mind or my body..? But one thing is for sure, I feel a whole lot better with the weight off than on. I dont seem to be suffering from the summer heat as much as I would have before. I dont mind parking far away from the shops to make the extra walk. I dont get puffed on taking the stairs. etc..
I am tempted to get my hair cut in celebration of this event. As you all, well those of you that have been following my blog for quite a while, may have noticed that my hair has grown quite a bit since my last cut (My 30th Birthday, June 2009).. I am tempted to get that same style cut again, but not quite as short. Now that my face has slimmed down some more since then, it might look a little better, and so much easier to look after. My hair has now gotten to a length that I am torn about getting it cut.. Because now I can put it up, but I find that I put it up and thats about it, there's not much style to it.. What do you all think??
Anyway, I best be getting ready for work. I will try to Vlog for you some time today..
xx Nene


  1. Wow!!!! 40 kg's that's awesome!!!

    You need to do something special for yourself to celebrate :-)

  2. That's my girl! Was it the poop that did it? I like your hair longer! But if you go short get something sassy and still girly!

    Congrats sister!

  3. Yay yay yay for you!!!! Congrats. As for the hair...I am trying to get mine longer ...I love it when you can twist it up with a clip at the back and you can still have style cut into the front with a feathery look ...sort of like Jenifer aniston. If you mean the style you have on your profile picture ...I love that too. If you keep your hair long you could celebrate in another way like a massage or pedicure or how about a piece of jewellery???

    You are awesome!!! And look fantastic...congrats again

  4. well con grat u freakin lations! YAY! What a champ! Bet you never thought all your dreams and goals would come true like this hey? I am a firm believer in leaving the hair alone. I have always grown my hair and then cut it and then regretted it and it is more of a pain in the arse short than long so I tell everyone I can - stay away from the hairdressers and grow your freakin hair! Thats my opinion anyway. I do love short hair (as per Pink and Ruby Rose) but god you gotta be able to pull it off and have just the right hairline for just the right cut. I think losing the 40kgs is reward enough and with all your sexy hot new clothes - you're a new chick girl! Dont ever question how much you've lost or how small or big you are - the proof is in the pudding girl and you look like a different girl in your pics! You look more than 40kgs lost! Love love love it!

  5. Looking at your latest pic - I love your hair longer like that if anything at all - maybe some nice layering to creat a bit of shape and interest (or a frizzy perm, either way!) but longer hair creates a slimmer looking face and you cant argue with that!