Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello All, Well let me start by saying, I had a shitty week end.. I was in such discomfort with my band and it's restriction that I would have ripped the damn thing out myself if i could have.. You see, as I have mentioned previously, I have had some ( sometimes a little too tight restriction, fishes ass kind of tight)restriction.. Only this past week end, it reached it's all time tightest, so tight that I was feeling a constant pressure around the site where my band is situated, I had nausea at times, I couldnt even keep down moist soggy weetbix with lots of milk, EVERYTHING was getting stuck and making a quick comeback. I had also gotten myself into a severe state of constipation.. I had a big pocket of air inside my stomach, bring pains to the right side of my navel, and it hurt to stand, sit, walk, lay on my side..
I did however use a suppositary to evacuate, but obviously not enough to relieve my pain, so then I start to think more sinister thoughts of what on earth could be wrong with me.. cit a long story short.. I called the doctor yesterday morning, and told her what was going on, she told me to come straight in.. So I did... I explained my situation to her about not being able to eat, and that although I have had good restriction, it hadnt been a problem up untill the week end, so she said that it's possible that my stomach (band site) is enflamed from a PB or a stuckage.. So she took out 1 ml whcih gave me almost immidiate relief. Also whilst up on the bad, I told her about the pains on the right side of my stomach, she had a feel and said "Oh dear, it's very gurgly, are you constipated?"I told her that i had been, and that I had evacuated, she said "Obviously not enough".. So i need to get me some fast acting laxatives.. Fast acting, because i cant afford to take one on the ones that works overnight, and then for it not to kick in untill I get to work.. That would not be fun at all. LOL

Soo, after getting my unfill, I met up with a friend, and when it came around to lunch time, we were in an eatery and I got nervous, as to what I would be able to eat without making the mad dash to the bathrooms.. I ordered a Doner Kebab, and picked out the middle of it.. I got about 1/2 way though it, and got very full, which is a feeling that I havent had for quite a while "Eating and getting full, not stuck".. It automatically gave me a little more energy to have something in my stomach.

Suprisingly though, on the weight front, I havent lost anything more since reaching my 40kg loss.. Which pisses me off, because occassionally, I see the scales float above it, and it's not a good feeling at all. Maybe now I will see them move, because I can now make better food choices without worrying about what will be able to get down..

Ohh, I did however go for a good walk on sunday afternoon.. It was soo nice. I kept a good fast pace, and even jogged occassionaly, and suprisingly I didnt feel like I was breathless or going to die at the end of it. The thing that spurred me on to go for a walk was the fact that I got my first sports bra on sunday.. I had to test it out.. And I do think that it made a difference, because there was less to joggle about when I jogged, so it didnt knock the wind out of me. I'll be going again this afternoon. I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, bit of a boring post today... till next time
xx Nene

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  1. Oh Nene....I hope that fixes the problem and you get something to fix the other end too. You seem to be not having a good run at the moment. I am sure once your body relieves itself and realises that you are no longer starving yourself that the scales will begin to move again. Take care