Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just when I think I am getting over all the illnesses and discomforts that have come my way of late, along comes another set.. As previously mentioned, I had some severe constipation, so on evacuation, it seems I have caused myself my first and hopefully only ever episode of a heamoroid (however it's spelled).. but as if that could be the worst of my fricken problems.. nooooo, lets kick her whilst she's down, my body says... I have also been bleeding ( uhh hum... down there, front side).. I am not due for aunt flow yet, thats still about a week away, and am on the contreceptive pill. So therefore, there is no reason for me to be bleeding.. My cycle is always like clockwork, so initially I thought that perhaps because I strained a little too much for the bowel activity it may have caused this bleeding.. But apparently thats not likely.. So, after trying to self diagnose and worrying myself sick, I made an appointment with my last choice doctor.. (this doctor is a real dumb ass to put it politely)... until I go back to see Dr Duncombe..A dumb ass doctor you may be wondering.. Yes.. this is a doctor who once wrongly diagnosed my personal lady issue, and told me that i had an STI (Sexually transmitted infection)... then prescribed bowel and stomach cleansing medication.. WTF!?!?!.. I near had a damn breakdown because of it, thinking.. HOW could I have got this?? Questioning hubby and all.. untill hubby begged me to go to another doctor for a second opinion, as he knew for a fact that he had been faithfull.. So off I went to another GP, only to find out that it was a form of dermatitis (Super sensitive down there, almost like a super bad thrush) ... ANYWAY... sorry for getting graphic.. So today I get in and see this idiot, and explain my situation, and tell him that I have also been a little nauseated.. He said, that the nausea would be because of the band and maybe I am over eating which is causing the nausea.. I could have punched him.. So I was sitting there wishing I hadnt bothered.. then he told me he would do a pap smear, and check to see if it was my cervix that was bleeding.. Apparently it was ok, although he could see some bleeding, but didnt even do a pelvic exam to check for any other reason..then said, maybe it's hormoanal. And he will call me in 2 days for the pap results.. Excuse me, and let me vent.. he is a Fucking Moron...Anyway, enough about my health woes.. After my appointment, I met up with my parents for lunch, mum was raving about this new little local cafe that they had lunch at yesterday, and I thought I would join them this time.. This (pictured below) is what I had...

Seared Chicken with char grilled eggplant and capsicum on a bed of rocket, with aoli..
It was ok, not really my cup of tea.. But I was suprised at how full I got after eating so little. Maybe this -1ml was a good thing..
Anyway, I best be getting offline, I promised to take the kids for a treat..
xx Nene


  1. My total sympathy - nothing worse than an idiot doctor :-(

    I hope you can get in to see your normal doctor soon and that everything starts to get better for you.

  2. Sweet peach, I am sorry that your doctor is an idiot and you cant get on the good side of things! Come here and I will take care of you!

  3. Oh dear Nene...I think you need to get this checked out. Can you go to another DR???? I once had cervicitis which caused a bit of that...just inflammation but still needed something for it. goofd luck