Thursday, February 4, 2010


OK, here is a pic of my tattoo for Sandi Lee.. It is on the middle of my lower back, only very small.. But there is a funny kind of story behind it.. You see my best friend at the time and I were looking for something small to get tattoo'd on us that we both liked ( we were getting matching tattoo's same places).. Anyway, we settles with this one which I got from the back of a Janet Jackson CD cover, however, on the cover, it was up the other way, but I told the tatooist that I wanted it up the other way.. Anyway, this is what we got, (I was 18 at the time).. Fast forward a few years, after meeting hubby, we went to his home country, and I was shocked to find that this is actually one of their national spiritual symbols. I was like WHAT??? Proves that there was something bring hubby and me together.. hmmmmmm The pic below is me and my boy this morning, I wanted to take this pic to represent the weight that i have lost.. Although it's not a real good shot, because Ayisha was standing on the kitchen bench to take it, if she took it from the floor, she would have only got our feet in..38kg loss

OH DEAR!!! I cant believe I am posting this pic.. as you can see, I have not a sceric of make up on, hair isnt done.. Ohh lordy.. me at my most vulnerable. This pic doesnt do me or my new dress wonders, but now you have a basic visual of it.. I will take another pic when it fits much better.. and I will be wearing make up.. oh and might possibly need a spray tan.. lol.. look at my white legs.

Well girls, I'm ready to hit the shops with my Nan.. God help me.. She talks to anyone in sight, has the worst road rage, and complains when she doesnt like the simplest of things.. AArrgghh...Wish me luck.
xx Nene


  1. Great story about the tattoo. Wonder if you would have met your hubby if you didn't have it! You look really great in both your pictures. The 38 kg loss is a real cutie pie. What a visual to remember. One day when you are old and gray, you will pull out the picture and tell him that you had actually "lost him".

    Even stranger my verification word was toothoo :-)

  2. wow - look at you!!! You look amazing!!

  3. Gosh you look wonderful...what a great reminder and a gift that you have given your kids...spooky fate on the tattoo