Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On Sunday morning, hubby had a friend over and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to leave the kids at home, and head to my fave shop at the moment (Crossroads www.crossroads.com.au). Without the kids, I wouldnt have to cling to the curtain of the changeroom, because Ayisha thinks it's fun to play hide and seek, and show my granny knickers covered ass to the whole shop.. So, now that I have given you all a grusome vision, I will continue on with my story.. Off I went to the shops, and I came accross a top in my fave colour. As you will have seen me wearing in the pictures at the beginning of this blog, I was always wearing the salmon / watermellon / pinky coloured tops. Now this top I came across is a colour under that category, and although I have not really ever worn a frilly top like this, I loved the colour, and sheer fabric (lightweight, no ironing, quick dry) and thought I would get it.. I also found myself a new pair of 3/4 length jeans. So super comfortable, slightly stretchy, and fit so damn perfect, I wonder if they secretly made them for me. ha ha.. Oh, and the most important bit of news about these jeans is that they are a sz 18.. Yes, I can now wear size 18 jeans.. Woop Woop!!! (happy dance) ok, now this brings me to the next item in my shopping spree.. A new beige knee length pencil style skirt.. I've never owned anything like this, and was a bit iffy about it.. but tried it on, it went with the top, and right now I'm all about trying something new (style wise).. What do you all thinkk?? I'm loving that I am looking smaller in this pic
Thought I'd add the booty shot, just for good measure..

And the skirt..the tops a bit see through, gotta get a cami for it. Just another excuse to hit the shops.
xx Nene


  1. I think this is the first time I have seen you in such form fitting clothes and I must say you look rocking!!!!! Love your ass :) What does hubby think of this new rocking ass?!

  2. Oh wow...love love love the colour!!! And the booty looks damn fine too. I think the skirt looks fantastic. A successful day!!!

  3. Bow chica wow wow! In the words of our illustrious leader (Paris Hilton) "Oh mi gard, you look like totally hart!" Damn girl - you qualify for MILF!!! Very fenemin and very HOT!