Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey everyone, well I still feel like several different types of shit, and I managed to score another day off because of it.. But seriously, my parents know that I really dont often get sick, so they take my word for it when I am. I am still really quite breathless, and went to the doc to see if I need any meds.. Nope, he told me to just relax and take paracetamol.. Shit, I could have saved myself a trip to see him, if I'd have known that was the case. I am still having feverish sweats too, which says to me that this is more of a flu that just a cold. The doc didnt really tell me what it is, barely even spoke to me for that matter.
So after taking the kids to school and daycare this morning, I decided to go down to blockbuster to return the movies I got yesterday, and take advantage of their Cheap Tuesday Specials.. So I got out the movie Bruno.. and OMG!!! I couldnt believe the crudity of it.. LOL.. I got another movie called Funny People, but I havent watched it yet.
I feel really restless, after laying on the couch to watch one movie, I got up and thought I might take a shower, then decided to put on a load of washing, then went back to have a shower, then decided to check facebook, then sat on the couch for a bit again.. I feel like I'm going in circles.. my head is anyway, fell lightheaded..Ohh thats right, back to my blockbuster story.. when I went in , I chose the moves that I wanted, and as the lady behind the counter was serving me, she said "Your Shrinking" with a smile.. I was flattered that a total stranger had noticed.. and as shitty as I looked and feel, I walked out of there with a bounce in my step.

Now, for those of you who have had a Body Wrap.. please let me know what you think of them.. I am thinking of going in to the dayspa next thursday to get one.. But at $155, I want to make sure it's worth going for.. This will be my treat for getting to the 40kg weightloss.. I have heard that it helps to tighten, firm, reduce.. blah blah blah.. I just know that I sure could do with some firming and tightening.. but as long as it doesnt further reduce the size of my saggy sucked mango seed breasts.. I've got them well trained to sit high in my bra for vanity purposes, I just couldnt afford to lose any more of their size. I've been waiting so long for them to sit out further than my stomach, and I'm almost there..

Oh just another thought.. isnt is strange how when you have lost a substantial amount of weight from your stomach, it looks like a balloon that has been blown up and deflated too many times.. It kind of feels the same too. I just look down it my wrinkled stomach, and think of them as my battle scars for now.. but I really think that a tummy tuck will be in order at some stage.. You see I have full mirrored built in wardrobe doors in my bedroom, and it is so not pretty when I happen to catch a glimpse side on when I am ummmm... doing the marital exercises..my stomach sags like its been vaccum sucked somehow.. hard to explain, will take a G rated pic one day.. LOL sorry for a little TMI..However, when i lay on my back, my stomach looks so good and flat..
Anyway, I just might go and take a relaxing bath and relax before I have to pick up the noise makers.
xx Nene


  1. lol!! You're hilarious - I love reading your blog!

    And by the way I spend everyday going around in circles!

    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. LOL...mango seeds....deflated ballons....martial exercises...too funny...but I so get you

  3. Hi Nene-I did a series of body wraps a few years ago, convinced that the pounds would drop off. They lied again. They wrap you in these mineral soaked bandages like a mummy and then you have to do about 30 minutes of exercise on a stepper. They unwrap you, you shower and feel like a million bucks. For a day. I didn't get any firmer but I think it was nice for my skin (I did it in the winter). I was hoping it would rearrange some of my fat, but no luck. It was sorta relaxing and I felt really thin after (dehydrated is probably the word for it as I lost 3-4 pounds each session-gained it back the next day). A sauna or whirlpool makes me feel the same. My choice is having a pedicure-cheaper and I just love having my feet rubbed.

    Get lots of rest for that cold/flu. Hopefully the kiddies don't get it too.

  4. My stomach reminds me of my grandmother in laws south amercian wet pizza dough. I can play with it just like an uncooked pizza base! Its not a firm dry pizza dough all lovely to knead and mould it's wet and runny and looks like cottage cheese it's nasty but delicious when fried in a deep layer of oil! Funnily enough - her thighs look just the same. Noice. I'm going to play with my fat deposits.

  5. Speaking from experience - the only cm's you will lose with a body wrap is water loss, however they are a lovely treatment if done properly!

    Make sure that they stay with you THE WHOLE TIME! Most good places will do a nice scalp massage while you are wrapped up.

    Let us know how it goes!