Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey All, Great News!!! Ashton is out of hospital, and slowly getting better, and my sisters banding was a success. I will however say, she is still in quite some pain, and feeling like shehas some serious indigestion and is a little breathless. I have assured her that she will be feeling better real soon. I took some before shots of her the night before sugery.. I will however have to ask her permission to post them.. She is alot more private than I.. lol. So all is good as at now. Today was "The Girls Day Off" as Ayisha likes to call it. So after having my nan (grandma) over to dye her hair.. (the road rage granny) We went to the local shopping centre and stopped at Gloria Jeans for a treat. Ayisha has a kiddy chino and I had my fave... Tim Tam Chilla, on skinny milk with cream and caramel sauce on top.. Kind of a contradiction.. made on skinny, but topped with cream..ha ha, but thats how I roll.. Yes, I was the one who used to go through Kfc or Mcdonalds and ask for a diet coke..But in all honesty, I always have prefered skinny milk, not just because it claims to be less fattening. Ayisha enjoying her Baby Chino with sprinkles of course :), as you can see, she is such a lil lady, enjoying a mag whilst at the cafe.
My Chilla, next to her tiny cup.. Ohh, if you havent tried the tim tam chilla, you really must. Usually, I dont go for sickly drinks, but this one isnt.. I watched them make it.. A cup of ice, a bit of milk, 2 tim tams (Aussie Icon Chocolate Biscuits) bit of chocolate powder, all blended up to make a cup of icy chocolately goodness. YUM!!! Probably not what I should be recommending on this "Weight Loss Blog".. Once again, bit of a contradiction.
Ohh, as I mentioned I wanted to get myself a body wrap from my 1 year bandiversary.. Well I didnt. But you know what I did get???!!!??? A new camera.. Yes, a very nice new camera.. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH3... 14 Mega Pixels 5x Zoom, wide angle lense.etc.. All the better to take some new picces for you all. At least when I go away at the end of the year, I will be able to snap some gorgeous pics. And buying a camera instead of a body wrap, well at least i will have something to show for my money. A gift that keeps on giving I reckon :)..
Anyway, I have been a bit slack on blog following lately, I will try to get my mojo back, but I am sure you can appreciate why I have been side tracked.
Have a great day/night
xx Nene


  1. So good to hear that everyone is on the mend :D

  2. You see, prayers do work! So happy to hear he is better and home!

  3. Fantastic. Your daughter is an absolute DOLL!

  4. Glad your sis and nephew are doing great. That drink is amazing-I too always order Diet Coke with my KFC and McD's. I only drink skinny milk (we call it skim here in Canada) and find it hard to drink any with fat in it.

    I think you will appreciate the camera more than the wrap-lasts longer and think of the pics you can take on your vacation.

  5. Hilarious!! I just finished a cookies & cream chiller! Skinny, no cream AND it was free! I'm a frequent sipper and it was my 10th one, probably not good to admit to that! I love them, haven't tried the tim tam one, must give that a go. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.