Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Wow, what a busy week end.. I truely feel like I live the life of an old lady when my boring routine is shook up, and we have a jam packed week end. Ibee (our visitor) has flown on to Sydney before returning to the U.K, and although it was so nice to entertain a visitor, I am quietly relieved that it's over. Ibee is one of the nicest guys you will meet, and is welcome anytime, but it takes alot out of a person to be on constant alert to cater for the guests needs.. It was very exciting though, because in the whole time that hubby has been in Australia (since nov 1999) this is the first visitor he has had. So it was special, and I went above and beyond to make sure it went well. One thing is for sure though.. It sure is frustrating to live through a week end of constant "jibber jabber".. (the guys speaking their language) ... it can make a person feel a little uncomfortable at times, because they can be talking of ANYTHING!!! , and from what hubby sometimes tells me of conversations he has had with friends before, right in front of me.. I am shocked that even their concience will let them speak it, even though they know we cant understand it. Oh how I wish I knew a language that my man didnt understand. But then I guess I do.. it's called P.M.S... lol, but back to the jibber jabber, When we went out to our fave restaurant (the night we went to the casino).. I was there with the guys, whilst waiting for the wife of one of them (she's aussie), she was late coming to meet us from work, and these 3 guys (Hubby, Ibee & and another friend who lives local, but is from their country) spoke constantly in their lingo.. I have naver felt so alone in the company of others.. I knew not to take offence, and didnt.. but was glad when Sarah arrived so I had someone to talk to. I could only play with my phone for so much longer..
Anyway enough about that..

We went to the Gold Coast on sunday, and I said I would take some pics.. I did, but none were taken of me, so I dont really have any to post that would be of much interest to any of you. Just some simple snaps for Ibee since his camera battery went flat.

I want to say welcome to my new followers and that there are a couple of you who are on the verge of being banded.. I wish you the best of luck, and just know, you are making a great decision.

Guess what just happened... I thought I would take a break from this post to think of something more to say, and in this break I decided that I was feeling a bit peckish, so the tug of war went like this... "will I have a pie or the piece of sushi that I brought in with me to have for lunch??... hmmm, i really want the pie, but the sushi is less fattening... ok, sushi it is.. " I then carefully cut it into smaller bite size pieces, then add a few drops of soy sauce to each piece.. One piece, hmm goes down well.. feels great coz it's been soo long since I was able to eat it.. Then, the second one... uhh oh... It's fricken stuck.. "I should have had the damn pie!!!" and now I keep burping up terrible tasting seaweed paper that the sushi was wrapped in.. I guess this will cure me of my sushi cravings.
There are now quite a few foods that I no longer like as a result of having a bad PB episode with them.. but one thing that I will never turn against is hot chips/fries.. I can spew those things up till the cows come home, but i will never get sick of them. They are so bad for me, but they are one addiction I cant ever give up.. I just need to make sure I get my band tightened enough to not be able to eat them.
Speaking of tightening, I have made an appointment to get a fill for next monday.. I am looking forward to having some restriction.
Ok, the sushi gate has opened.. it just went down, I dont think I will be attempting any more of that for a while.

I have a bit of a job ahead of me this week end.. I am switching my kids rooms around.. you see montel refuses to sleep in his own room. Yes, a 10 year old boy prefers to sleep in his 4 year old sisters room, all wrapped up in her dorothy the dinosaur bed covers.. If I put my foot down, and demand that he sleep in his own room, he wont sleep in his bed, he will lay on the floor.. (We have hard wood floors)... I just cant figure out why... I ask him, and he says his room is "boring and he doesnt like it".. but I just know it goes deeper than that..
So I am taking everything out of his room, and swapping it into Ayisha's room. He happily goes to bed in there. Ohh the pressures and stresses of parenthood. If this doesnt work, I dont know what to do next..

Anyway, best get back to work.. The lunch rush is on, and here's hoping these pies all sell, before my temptations gets the better of me.
xx Nene


  1. Hey I've just started following your blog, and wondered where you got the conversion gadget? I had a bit of a look around after clicking on it but couldn't find code? Thanks!

  2. You are a very good writer and very funny, too! I'm glad you are doing so well. Have fun with the room swap.

  3. I hear ya with the bloody pies....in my case it is lollies:) You are doing so well though and your photo looks amazing!! Bloody hornbag!! :)

  4. Aren't they funny??? Hope it works. Your restriction is funny isn't it...one minute you can't eat and now you want a fill??? Hope this one gets you to the right spot...you must be so close. Funny I am turing off lots of foods due to PBing. Also I had 2 pairs of Capri's offered up on my blog...white & black and size 18. Would they be any good for your sister???? let me know

  5. GirlBandit- I would be happy to take the capri's off your hands if they arent already taken.. I am hovering between a 16/18/20 in pants, so if not for me, my sis would love them.. Thank you..xx nenesalifu79@hotmail.com

    As for my restriction.. At the moment it is minimal, as I had an unfill about a month ago.. Time to get refilled before I sabotage myself.. lol

    Welcome Epiphany, glad to have you reading my blog, and thank you Amanda, I'm flattered..
    Nola, you are too funny.. love your possum stories.. you're the foxy hornbag..

    Thanks girls for commenting.. it's what keeps me posting..