Friday, March 5, 2010


I am by no means a religious person.. And I guess I sound a bit hypocritical by saying that I am praying, and asking all of you to help me out with well wishes and prayers for my precious nephew.. His name is Ashton, he was born 2 months early , a week before I was banded.. It was so scary at the time, as we thought that we may lose not only little Ashton, but my sister too.. She had placenta previa, and what she thought were contractions, was actually the placenta rupturing.. Had they not done the emergency c-section when they did, both mother and baby would have died within a scarily short time. In the last year, Ashton has thrived, and grown into the most gorgeous chubby little boy.. I call him my little Ginger Ninja.. He has inherited my sisters red hair. He has the most captivating blue eyes.. I love this little guy to bits.. Which brings me to the reason why I need your prayers..
Throughout lastnight, he started having trouble breathing.. My sister thought it was from his blocked nose (minor cold stuff).. then this morning, he threw up a few times, fast forward to this afternoon, after having spent the morning in the ER, he has been diagnosed with Pneumonia, Bronchitis and a collapsed lung... How much can our precious little guy take???
Ashton 1 week after birth in the arms of my sister..
Just look at those eyes.. Big boy now..

My Little Ginger Ninja
To make matters worse, my sister is booked in to have her band done on tuesday..After all the trouble she has had with the Super Fund..I guess now it all depends on the health of our boy as to whether she goes though with it, as if she doesnt, she will have to wait untill the next vacancy in June..


  1. I will absolutely say a prayer. I have my own little ginger megs who has had his fair share of health issues and my heart goes out to your sister and your family.

    Take care and all the best. I will be thinking and praying for you all.

  2. So cute! I have already said a prayer that all goes well for both of them. He is a trooper and will get through this.

  3. I put a lot of weight in the power of positive thoughts, so even though I dont pray in that sense, I will send some your way and to your family. Please keep us updated. It sounds like he is a survivor already...he can make it though this.

  4. What a doll...I'm praying in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

  5. That gorgeous little bubba will be in my prayers too Nene. xxx

  6. What a cutie! I will definatly say a prayer. Thinking of you!

  7. Oh Nene! All my love and healing are with you and your family - he's already proven what a tough little guy he is and this is just another time you'll see it. If it means anything to you I had pneumonia and a collapsed lung at 4 months old. They had me in the brain damage ward and when I didnt respond to any anitbiotics I was a write off and look at me now - I'm fine!! (??) All the best for another miraculous recovery and a brand new start for your sister and her family.

  8. Thanks so much everyone.. He is slowly recovering, I will keep you posted..
    xx Nene

  9. Thoughts and prayers to your family and a speedy recovery for this little guy!