Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today I woke up hating the world.. yes, it's that time of the month for me.. Well it should be, but it's not, and I am worried.. I was stupid through the month and missed a pill twice.. 2 in 2 weeks.. Oh shit... I am hoping that its just my hormones playing about, and not a damn easter bun in the oven.. Now I know by saying this, It may sound a little insensitive to those who cannot fall pregnant, or have very private reasons.. And believe me, I have been in that boat.. I tried for a few years to have Ayisha and had to get fertility treatment. Hence the reasoon for the bigger age gap between my 2 kids.. But now is my turn to be selfish, and have MY TIME.. because i sure as hell dont get enough of that..
A perfect example... 2 days ago, I had the urge for a #2 (bowel movement) whilst at work, now when I work, I am on my own, and cannot race out back in between customers to "evacuate the system" ... sooo I had to hold on for a couple of hours.. deep breathing, and a rock hard stomach, is so uncomfortable... then I get home with intention to run to the loo, but I get a phone call... it's my sister, informing me that Baby Ashton is back in hospital, and could i look after her daughter for the night?? ... noo problemo.. Now, just let me go to the crapper.. please... but nooo, then I realised that I had to feed my kids, after slapping a frozen meal in the microwave for Montel, and Ayisha's weird request for porridge is filled ( yes my kids do usually have better food than this.. lol)... anyway, by this time my stomach is making all kinds of noises, screaming at me, to fix the problem. Then, when making my way to the toilet, my sis arrives with her daughter... fills me in on Ashton and leaves.. time to make Breanna's bed, and get her settled... then and only then, can I make my way to the privacy on my ensuite toilet... So there you have it, even the simple task of taking a shit goes on hold because I have kids and a husband and a job to deal with..
MY TIME also because I have stretched my body enough already having had the 2 kids, and being overweight all my life.. I want it to shrink, not grow. The time is not right for me, so i am really hoping that "aunt flow" comes to visit real soon.
I mean this could explain my world hating mood right now, and depressive moods lately.. but usually I am PMSíng a week before they're due.. Who know's , will no doubt keep you all posted...
WHY dont men have to put up with this shit?? they get all the joy in things.. Get it up, stick it in, dump their load, go to sleep, go to work, be fed, shower, shit, shave and all the things that men can do whenever the fricken hell they want.. there's no waiting for several hours to take a shit in my husbands world.. grrrrrrrrrr
Feeling like this makes me eat, and right now, I just got up and got myself a caramello chocolate koala out of the shop fridge and and mindlessly munching it down, really quite without care for what it will make the bastard scales tell me in the morning.. I'll deal with it then..
I think right now it might be best for me to stop with this post before you all think I am some mental case, well some of you may already think that way.. just consider this my monthly melt down..I'm off to drool over the pie oven..
xx Nene


  1. This is what first attracted me to your blog - you honesty and the way you tell it like it is regarding motherhood!!

    I LOVE my kids more than life itself - but what I wouldn't do for a few minutes peace sometimes.

    I actually locked them out of the bathroom the other day and sat on the loo and listened to them howl and watched their little fingers wiggle under the door - come on!!!! REALLY?!!! I mean I'm glad they love me and want to be with me - but if you can't go to the toilet by yourself life kinda sux!!!

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you aunty visits real soon. In fact I would go so far as to say she's probably on the way (the chocky and 'over-it' feelings are a good indicator for me anyway!!).

    All the best :-)

  2. Sorry I'm laughing at your comment there WIP - I'd have two kids AND a cat howling at the door if I shut it to poo in peace! ROFL!!

    Nene damn I hope she's on her way for you. I'm in the situation where our family is complete, I don't want any more, no siree. So I'd have a fair bit of disappointment if it happened here too (and surprise since my husband had a vasectomy ROFL).

    My hormones are whacked out - I get about one week of normal hormones, two of PMS then one WITH my period. Pfft. I said on Facebook the other day, and will say it here - women put up with all this, men should get a good hard kick in the balls every month. :P

  3. I love you mental case and totally get where you are coming from...bring on aunt flo...for once you would be welcome. By the way....vasectomy is our revenge...get him to try it!!! LOL

  4. By the word for you was SWEEMAN...sounds like?????

  5. And theone for that was Regrat...sounds like rugrat....arghhhhhh

  6. And the owrd for that was rearr....when will it stop?????

  7. And the word for this one was vOMMI...IS IT A SIGN?????

  8. That was just so funny. I made my DH get the big V. Just before he went to the hospital, I told him he would never get an erection again. Flipped him out but he went through with it anyway-I think the doc must have told him the truth.

    The best thing when my kids finally grew up was being able to poop in peace, whenever I wanted. I could never understand that they always needed me immediately whenever I left the room and sat on the toilet--they would perch themselves at my feet. Ewwww!

    Hope things look up and that your little nephew gets better.

  9. I'm sorry that you're having a bad day, but this is a hysterical post! Poor Nene can't even have two minutes to pooh.

    BTW I call my toilet my "animal petting chair" because when I use it, I end up with two cats and a dog coming around for some attention. And of course my kids and fella always have to come in and ask me something. I'm okay with all this "attention" unless it is my TOM. I don't want any comments from the little ones about THAT!

  10. Girls, the way I'm feeling today, I would perform the vasectomy today with my own hands.. Stuff cutting the plumbing, cut the whole damn dick off...
    However, I do feel crampy, and think aunt flow may make an appearance by the end of today.. fingers crossed..
    Thank you all so much for commenting.. Sally, you are funny..
    xx Nene