Tuesday, March 30, 2010


First and formost, I want to give a very big thank you to the lovely "WorkInProgress" I know your name, but not sure if you wanted it put out there :), and the beautiful Sally from "Ramblings From The Other Side", for sending me the lovely swimsuit and 2 pairs of capris.. You both are truely wonderful. I am very greatful.. Now I would have loved to post pics of myself wearing these items, however, it has gone to two extremes... The bathing suit is a little too big, but my sis will love it... and the capris are too small. (Sob sob sob)... I couldnt fricken believe it.. I wear a sz 18 pants from Crossroads, no problem at all.. but I couldnt get these capri's up over my big fat dimpled ass... DAMMIT... shit shit shit... Oh well, at least I will get wear out of them when I do fricken fit into them.. Gotta look on the bright side. Its all my own fault, I really should have had my band tightened.. I am seriously self sabotaging.. my weight has gone up by 2kg in the last month.. I cant believe how much I can eat..you will see for yourself in the pics below..
In this pic above, I took a friend (one of our employees) out for lunch. She chose a Chinese restaurant, and I ordered a Shandy (a mix of everything).. As pictured above and below.. I like how tiny I look in the pic above..
Hmmm food... I ate about 2/3 of this plate of food... a bit too much I say.. Mind you, I could barely walk out to the car afterwards.

Ayisha and Montel attended a dress up birthday party last friday night.. Just had to show you my little princess all dolled up. Aint she sweet...

OOhhhkey Dooohkeeey... Check out the mess I made of my damn fringe... It started as a splice style fringe trim (self cut) and I overcut it, then had to straighten the style because of the overcutting.. All in all, I screwed up big time.. now i have to change my side part, and or pin it back till it grows again.. FARK!!! makes my face look far too round..
I really wanted to post a bit more today, but my head is throbbing.. you see I went to the shops today whilst out to lunch with Lynne, and saw the perfume that I thought I liked.. So I greedily sprayed the tester of it all over me... BIG MISTAKE.. it was the wrong one, and ever since I have had a rotten headache.. Serves me right.. next time I'll use the tester cards and put it in my knicker drawer.
xx Nene


  1. You do look small in that photo!!

    Glad you liked the swimsuit and that your sis can get some wear out of it :-)

    Go the sisterhood!

  2. Oops! Meant to say the picky of your princess is gorgeous!!

  3. You look gorgeous Nene!!! I'm a kilo heavier than you and I don't look anywhere near as skinny as you do lol. You look amazing!!! xxx

  4. Your little princess sure is adorable!

  5. I thnk you are gorgeous and am glad you will get some use from the capri's. You and your daughter are very cute indeed...I think the hair is ok too....

  6. You look tiny, and you don't have a round face at all...beautiful!!! Your princess is adorable too!

  7. You look fantastic and your daughter is adorable!

  8. First of all you look freakin amazing in that top pic! Seriously! gorgeous!

    Second...YOU NEED A FILL! I can't believe you were able to eat 2/3 of that food. Although some of it was sliders. But damn it get your ass a fill.

    Don't worry about those pants being too tight. I am sure they are sized wrong and are probably a size 4 or something.