Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Shy To Party

Below you will see a picture of me and my friend Kelly (Taken on her 30th birthday May 2009).. anyway.. She is having a themed party this saturday night. The theme is Fugly Dresses and the party is Adult Toys Etc.. Which would be really fun to go to, but I am decling the invitation as I feel a little intimidated by some of the girls going to it.. Alot of them went to the same high school, as we did, but I never really associated with them at school (I left school at the end of grade 10, and Kelly stayed on a bit longer), and even on the night this picture was taken on Kelly's birthday, I was getting all kinds of bitchy looks from a few of them.. A few of these girls were very slim/sporty at school, and now are bigger than me.. My friend Kelly made a point of saying to me what I should come and flaunt my new body, but even though I know I do look better than some of them now, I have a slight insecurity. I so hope this will fix with time.. I guess I could book a party and host my own as a favour for not going.. I do feel most comfortable on my own terms at my own home.. xx Nene


  1. Been there, felt that!

    You have to do what feels right to you - but stuff them!! They are no better than you - and most likely a lot unhappier.

    You are a lovely person, great mum and have done amazing with your weight loss. You have nothing to feel inferior about!

  2. I know how you feel but if you want to go...then go and have a great time regardless of them. To me you are beautiful inside and out

  3. The best revenge is to be beautiful and be a beautiful person! Make yourself feel good by being gorgeous and not letting their ugliness (the inside kind) penetrate you. Disarm them with your loveliness! Probably too late to tell you all this but never make decisions based on fear. Go forth and be you and you just may be surprised at the outcome! Luv ya girlie! xxxx