Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey everyone, it's been a bit since I posted.. My sis is going ok, she has suffered a little with breathlessness, and indigestion feelings, and slight gas pains in her shoulder.. I spoke with her this morning, and she is feeling a tad better.. It's amazing how quickly I have forgotten what being banded in the first few weeks was like. Ashton is also going great, Tracey said it was like he is a new little guy since coming out of hospital.. I said, maybe it straightened him out, and made him realise that life on the outside is so much better.. LOL..

I didnt go to my friends party, although it looked like they all had a great time. But you know what, I'm glad I didnt go. I also had a great time at home with my own little family.
This Friday we have one of my husbands good friends coming to visit us from the UK.. I am looking forward to finally meeting him, as I have spoken to him so much over the years on the phone, and even my parents have met him, but not I. He showed them around Thailand 8 years ago when they went there on holiday. He lands in Brisbane on friday morning, but the downside is..we have a cyclone approaching.. So it looks like the weather is going to be shit.. DAMMIT, this guy is coming from a miserable winter in the UK, and now to this..Fingers crossed this cyclone blows back out to sea..

Band news.. Meh... I have been eating very bad choice foods since getting some unfil.. And as the saying goes.. well my saying goes "Eat shit = Feel like Shit" ... AND.. of course put on weight.. Yes, I have pudged back up to 108.3kgs... FAAARRK!!!! But I only have myself to blame. And I know it's an excuse, but I'm not going back in for a fill untill hubby's friend has gone back, which will probably be late next week. I'm not going to act like the model bandster, because as you all know, I am far from that with my lack of will power in my ongoing fight against the pie oven..
I can eat a 6 inch subway sub. And I sooo shouldnt be able to, should I?? I'm not gonna beat myslelf up over it. I know where I'm going wrong, and will fix it up soon.

It is amazing how much more in tune I am with my weight though. I pretty much know and can feel without even looking at the scales if I have lost or gained even half a kg (1lb)..Before the band, I could pack on a few kgs, and lie to myself that I was still the same. I guess, back then I didnt overly care or want to know.

I am still kind of struggling with the self insecurity thing though.. It's not been that big of an issue in the past months, but in the last couple of weeks, I've been kind of struggling to feel good about myself.. but then that all leads back to me gaining weight and eating crap again..
On the upside, I have noticed when giving change and serving customers that my hands and wrists look a whole lot slimmer.. I can no longer wear my rings (I feel naked without them) I was handing out change, and my ring fell into the customers hand.. I snatched it back so fast. I will get them resized when I get down far enough to know I wont be needing to resize them again. They are so friggen big, I reckon Ayisha could hoola hoop with them. Speaking of hoola hoops, have any of you tried the Wii Fit hoola hoop exercises?.. I never thought something like that could give you such a good work out.. if nothing else, it might give you a few extra moves for those "extra cirricular activies" after dark, or for any time of day for that matter..

Oh Amy W, if you read this, I have given my sister your blog address to read about your "Whootananny, turkey, troll shaving post" she was in need of a good giggle, and I thought , what better way.. I have never read anything so funny and real, ever..

I also want to say that it is so good to see guys blogging about their experiences with being banded and weightloss. I am in the process of convincing my uncle (Mum's twin brother) to get banded. And with these guys putting it out there, it's easy for my uncle to be able to have a read and relate on some level.. So guys, keep up the good work.

Hopefully with hubbys friend being here, we will be going on outtings and I will take lots of lovely shots (with my new cam of course) for you all to see, that is if the weather doesnt blow us off yonda. I have taken the week end off work for this occassion. I havent had a full week end off since mid last year.. But I doubt any sleep ins are gonna happen. I'l be up cooking breakfast for everyone no doubt. Either way, it beats serving scruffy bed creases people coming in to buy the paper with their smelly morning breath. UUuugghhhh... Gag gag gag.. I swear, they must roll out of bed, scratch their balls, have a pee, wait for their morning mongrel to subside then venture off to our shop... not even having washed their faces or even rinsing their rotten mouths out.. filthy bastards.. lol Ok enough of my ranting.
Have yourselves a great day..
xx Nene


  1. Fingers crossed the weather stays good - and so glad to hear your sister and nephew are on the mend.

    I reckon that the fact your rings are slipping off is a great reason to go and buy yourself a nice necklace to hang the special ones off until you are ready to resize :-)

  2. Hope your sister is better soon. Soory to hear about your band woes but I still think you are amazing

  3. Oh Nene! You comment on my post made me laugh out loud! You said "excuse me while I piss my pants" hahahahahahah....

    and of course I am reading this!

    I love you to the moon and back!