Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey all, Just a quick post, am very tired from having gone out lastnight. I am running on empty (not my guts though, thats nice and fricken full, a lil too full if you ask me) I've had 3 hours sleep in 2 days, and feel like several different shades of shit.. I mean, I wouldnt mind feeling like this if I actually drank copious amount of alcohol, BUT I didn't.. Noooo not me, piss head from way back.. I'm sure if I told my girls from back in the day that I hit the city and didnt get roaring drunk, they would want to take my temp or possibly give me a pregnancy test.. Nope, I'm not sick, and over my dead body will I be getting pregnant any time soon. (I'll happly go along doing the baby making exercises though hehe).. The reason I didnt drink or even get tipsy.. No one in the group that I went with drink. Nor do they gamble, and where did we go??? A farkin Casino... it was boring as hell, I just watched as pissed ( Drunk ) people slipped money into the machines that would inevitably send them home broke.. I would happily hum a few tunes and wear flashing lights if they would slip their dollar bills ito my pockets.. We then went on to a small R&B club, I played a few rounds of pool, and kicked butt.. :)Above, Me with Sara, outside the Casino.. I look like a heffer.. Dont like this pic at all, but I am going to try to not cover up my ugly shots anymore.. Honesty IS the best policy.. If I can get comfortable enough to share my ... not so good.. pics with you, it may help in this shitty battle of self confidence I have.
This pic is kind of random.. but I'm hoping it will put a pic to how I feel. See the big yellow house standing out amongst all the other ordinary blocks of apartments.. ??? This is how I feel when in a crowd or group of people.. I feel like I cant hide or blend in.. I still, in a way feel like I am a big old hot air balloon parked next to a pretty bunch of birthday helium ballons.. Ohhhh, I hope you get what I mean.. By the way this pic I took for another reason/story to tell you, but have forgotten why.. It is not too far from where I live.

I love this photo.. you know why.. #1, I dont have make up plastered over my face and feel ok about it, and #2 I think I look pretty small at that angle.. I know it is taken at a flattering angle too though.. But hey, it's not often I come across a pic of me without makeup on that I like. (sounds like a step in the right direction) Mind the hairy pit.. few day old armpit stubble.. ewwww
Now.. I have a question.. for those of you that have been banded long enough to have lost a substantial amount of weight.. Do you get itchy under your titties and cleavage??? I have been scratching the shit out of mine, and it seems to be bringing about some small stretch marks.. dammit dammit.. also on my saddle bags too (extra meat at the sides of my ass/hips).. so itchy that I scratch till it bleeds.. could this itching be from shrinkage?? or should I go see a damn doctor?? lol
Speaking of seeing doctors.. I am going to call and book in for a fill ASAP this week.. I am getting just a wee bit carried away in the food department. I ate fresh white bread today.. WTF?!?! allbeit slowly, but it got down.. I have also not got on the scales today.. i am simply avoiding heartache.. Yes, I have let myself go.. But I will catch myself up this week. But I will say that with hubby's friend being here, I have been working my ass off to be a "good wifey"... and feeding and entertaining the guy.. He is a lovely guy, so it comes easy. But in doing this I have found that I dont think of food as much.. I guess that means I need to have my life running at a busier pace in order for me to forget about food sometimes.
Well, Montel is asking questions as to why I am typing so much and what it's about, because he wants to use the computer.. and I want to go and take a shower whilst scratching my tits..
Night All/ Goopd Morning to the rest of you..We're off to the Gold Coast tomorrow.. I want to hit up the carrara markets and find me some goodies.. Oh and of course some birthday presents for Montel (turning 10 this thurday) Will be sure to take some more pics..
xx Nene


  1. Happy birthday to Montel! You look great in the "no make-up" picture but you are a very pretty girl so I am not surprised! I can't answer any other questions as I am not banded YET! Ask me next week at this time as I will be banded on 3/24! Actually, I couldn't answer the weightloss/itchy question anyway because I doubt I will have lost any weight by this time next week!

  2. Happy Birthday to Montel - 10!! That's big news :-)

    As far as the itches go - I have very sensitive skin and while I haven't been banded very long or lost all that much weight - my skin gets like that when it's dry. I don't know if it will help you but moisturiser really helps me.

    Have a great day - love the no makeup shot :-)

  3. You are not a heffer at look beautiful

  4. I'd recommend some lotion on the ol' girls. But when I take my bra off at night when getting ready for bed, the area below my breasts where my bra rested is very itchy and I admit to rubbing them (lightly scratching) to relieve the itch.

    If you are getting the red rashes, I use creamy desitin. In fact, I've used that for years not only under my breasts but also in the area below my lower tummy and above my pubic area. It relieves the redness and heals it in just a day or two.