Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey All, today is such a beautiful day here, so as promised, I took the kids to lunch and then the beach for sandcastle making.. You know, it just isnt as much fun as it used to be. I dont like to get all sandy. I kept washing my feet and hands, and was lost for inspiration.. and geez, I used to be a good castle maker.. I've lost my castle mojo. Me, self portrait at the beach.
I dont like this pic of me above, I look chunky and very wide at the hip.. But I promised to post even pics that I do not like of myself.. so here you have it.. Now in the pic below is how I prefer the angle of my pictures to be taken at.. makes me look alot smaller.. Even though I am not yet tiny tiny.. I cant wait to look that small in full length shots.

Prefer this one

This pic here is at the beach (obviously)... and it is a perfect shot to show just who rules the roost at our house.. lol... nooo, Montel was complaining that it was too bright and glarey, so Ayisha got a towel and promptly placed it over his head. Oh, she's a clever kitten, I tell you.

Ok, moving right along. In this pic, is of course my little pocket rocket, sitting on my last crochet project.. I made it for her, being that she loves Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles, and she has a pink and green Dorothy bedspread , so I thought I would make her blanket Hot Pink and Green. It is super warm.. And I'm kind of proud of my first effort.. Perfect for dragging out to the lounge in winter, and snuggling up in.
I have a new dilemma, dont stress it's not another break down.. I am just finding that I'm not liking any of the new fashions out in stores at the moment, and trying to find new styles that fit and suit me and my shape.. For so many years, I dressed to cover as much as I could, but now I was to accentuate the areas that I have lost, and still hide that "veranda" (tummy over hang).. So when I am looking for a top that sits on the hip, it can fall a little too short, and show my Rhino Toe.. grrr.. I'll have to stick to dresses a bit longer. But all in all, the colours and styles this season leave alot to be desired, they're just shit. I so wish that I knew how to sew.
Well I'm feeling like raiding the kids easter stash, so I might go pick up my crochet hook, and get to work.. that should keep me in line for a bit. I should have shot that damn easter bunny..
xx Nene


  1. Right - I'm going to try that angle next time! But I'm not sure my arms are long enough.......

    Love the crochet rug!


  2. I love to crochet. It makes me busy and helps me get distracted and relaxed... Love the blanket... Also great pics of the beach...

  3. Those glasses really suit you, you look gorgeous! I love that angled shot too!

  4. I second that comment about the sunglasses, they really suit you! You have lovely cheekbones.

    Your kids are pretty cute too. xx

  5. I cant believe you made that. I tried once to make a I gave up.

    I wish we could go shopping together!

    Do you ever wear jeans? I know it is just now starting to cool off there (or soon right?) but I can't think of any pictures of you in jeans. I think a good fitting pair of jeans always makes me look thinner!

    kisses my Australian secret girlfriend!