Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hi there, well finally I have something positive to say.. I kind of feel like I am coming back to the land of the "Living and Functioning" .. I guess it just means that my meds are kicking in and doing their job. Its such a nice feeling to be a little more positive and relaxed. I must also say that Hubby is being great too..
Now that my head in in a clearer space, I need to get focussing on my weight again. I am sitting at 109.4kg as of this morning. Which is only 2 or 3 kg less than what I was on New Years Day this year. My lowest weight this year has been 105.9kg.. So I need to kick my own ass, and choose healtheir foods. Comfort foods, sliders, etc have been my best friend over this mind numbing time. I am now addicted to chocolates and lollies like I never have been before. So not good. BUT I WILL pick my act up, get my band tightened and move on from the naughty foods.

Changing the subject for a minute.. I want to raise something that has been bugging me and has hurt my feelings for a little while now.. I dont know if any of you remember at the beginning of the year, a friend of mine got banded.. this is the same friend that I went on a short holiday getaway with lastyear, with my hubby and our kids as well as her kids.. There are pictures somewhere of it. ANYWAY!!! a couple of months ago, we had organized for my family to go out to her new place for a BBQ to meet her new boyfriend, and so forth.. Now, I know I was wrong in not making contact and cancelling on her, however this is in the time I was starting to sink pretty low and when we spoke on the phone a few days after, she was drunk and I explained that things werent good with me, and it was even affecting my marraige, and that I was terribly sorry for letting her down. ... So at that time on the phone she was ok, and said it was fine because they had other people over anyway. ... Then a couple of days later, I get an email from her accusing me of making excuses and lieing about the state that my marraige is in and so forth, she even want as far as accusing me of being jealous of her weightloss so far...... and then it was that right there that made me think... Some friend? She couldnt know me too freakin well if she could accuse me of that.. obviously doesnt give a crap about my emotional stability or anything else for that matter. I was the one that pushed for her to get the band in the first fricken place.. I havent seen her since she has had it done, because she is too loved up with her new man. It has opened my eyes about a few things, and once again it has brought forward the realisation that TRUE friends are hard to find.
But then that is another story that I have for you all..
There is a lady/customer that comes into work, and she has always been lovely, and concerned about me, as she spotted the difference in me.. She asked for my address and said she may pop over for a coffee.. Then I find out from another customer who lives accross the road from this lady (Lillianne) that she is the friend/neighbor from hell.. She will arrive on the doorstep at any hour of the day, let herself in, arrive quietly, intrude on any personal issues or arguements in the house, try to verbally dicipline your kids.. etc etc.. So, one day i walked in to work, and she was being served by my mum, and she turned to me and said in an accusing voice.. "Just when do you think I can catch you at home?? I have been over 4 times this week.".. I was stunned and mum said "She's a busy girl, it's best to catch her here".
Anyway, fast forward to the next Thursday, (my usual day off), Montel was home sick from school, and we just spent the day at home watching movies.. I just happened to spot Lillianne pulling up slowly out front, about to do a u-turn to park on my side of the street. i had never moved so fast to wind all my blinds shut, and grabbed Montel to come into my bedroom... The next thing I hear is KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, loud enough to wake the dead... then when I think it has stopped, i hear her footsteps down the side of my house, as she walks around to my back door. At the time Montel needs to cough, so i put a pillow in front of his face to block the sound out.. Finally she leaves, leaving me pissed off that she has walked right around my yeard to try to see into my house.. Now as far as I know.. If someone doesnt answer the front door, it's time to leave. Soo, ever since then, I have really been distant from this lady, and I think she is finally getting the hint.. I will never give me address again.. Shhheeeesh, it's nice to have friends, but I dont want to be taken over.. and another thing.. she wants to know the ins and outs of my sex life. When I told her I had gone on anti-depressants, she automatically asked me, if it has affected my sex life....WTF???

As for the dog, I think I forgot to mention, we named her Milly..She really is very sweet, smart, sometimes a bit too mischeivious, BUT she makes me smile.

Tomorrow, i go and see a new Clinical Psychologist. I am sure that this time things will be better. She has alot of great reviews. As it also turns out, the one who robbed me, has her court sentencing tomorrow. I dont have much faith in the justice system here, so i cant say i am confident she will serve time. Who knows.

Well, I will love and leave you all for now. Thank you so much for your support in my time of need..
xx Nene


  1. Wow!! So much going on!

    Firstly - I am SOOOOOOO glad you are feeling better. I have been really worried about you.

    Secondly - that lady who comes into your shop sounds like a complete fruitcake!! Oh My!!

    Thirdly - I am so sorry about your friend letting you down. Easier said than done - but really it's her loss not yours!

    Fourthly - with all you have been through and to have only gained a couple of kg's?! That's AMAZING!!! That just gives me such hope that the band is a long term solution to my weight. Congratulations - that is fantastic! Don't be so hard on yourself on the weight front - you are dealing with so much!

  2. So glad to hear from you again. That is one weird lady, but you better not mention that you held a pillow over Montel's face. She might have you admitted to hospital. Too funny. Glad you are feeling better. It will get better.

  3. Everything that workinprogress says is what I was going to say! Im glad your feeling better, such a relief!
    You have a lot of positives coming up nicely now! Good on you !!

  4. Your banded friend doesn't sound like much of a friend....I bet if the boyfriend racks off she will be back on your doorstep quick smart!!..she sounds like a user:(
    The other lady is a bloody looney!!...good idea to avoid her:)
    You sound sooooooo much better which is great!!

  5. It's so great to hear from you again Nene. I'm glad you feel like you're on the mend...As far as friends go, once we reach adulthood a lot of people stop speaking their mind and saying what they honestly's obvious your friend thinks you're playing games with her...I hope she realises her mistake, but if not it's out of your hands and I don't think you'll lose much sleep over it. Good luck shaking your new stalker...some people have no idea of boundaries do they??? xx

  6. Hi looks like you are on the same roller coaster as I am hope we meet on at the top soon. LOL Sandy

  7. Missing your updates! I hope your still feeling better!