Friday, October 15, 2010

A New Goal

Hello my lovlies... Well heres some band news for ya's... I got a fill yesterday.. and now my band is as tight as a fish's arse..Yesss sirrr eeee... I love it.. I have not even thought of eating a pie today.. I have not felt hungry since my cup of tea this morning..
I now have 3.6ml in 5ml band.. I have not had this kind of restriction since I first got banded.. My goal is to be down to 105kg for my trip on 27th nov.. which means I gotta lose 7kg in 6 weeks.. God help me.. But I really want to do this..
When I first was banded, i used to look around and judge those who had been banded and had not been successfull with losing weight.. I would think.. How can you not be losing weight??? WTF are you scoffing down and doing wrong.. Well spank my ass and call me a bitch.. How naive was I?? I now realise that it is quite easy to be banded and not lose weight, and infact even gain weight, as i have this year.. I can sit back and blame the anti depressants, and all the other emotional shit I have been going through.. Which have made me lose sight of many aspects of the weight loss journey.. BUT.. all along, I have so hated being fat, and losing weight was one of the only things that made me so happy and in control of. I am now taking control back and getting into this again. In my first year of being banded, It was my goal to get down to 100kg by my first bandiversary... DIDNT HAPPEN.. but it was only a week after my 1st bandiversary that I had recorded a 40kg loss.. and I was loving it.. but it was almost like as soon as I had hit the 40kg loss, I gave up, and caved in to eating all that was bad for me.
Now I am nearing my 2nd bandiversary, and with willpower, and better food choices and exercise there is hope..
Right now I weigh 112kg.. Lets see where I end up (scalewise) on my 2nd bandiversary.. 29/01/11...

Ohhh, Aussie ladies. I have an idea.. Inspired by "Work In Progress's"post about having B.O.O.B.S get together over here... I am still excited and all for it.. and have thought, if suitable to many of you.. how about we all go on a short P&O cruise.. food, drinks (non-alcoholic) , entertainment and accomodation all inclusive of about $100 per day... and for those who cant get a sitter, could bring the kids or family and use the kids club... Because if you look into accomodation and food , etc a get together would cost us each more than $100 per day... what do you think??? any other ideas???? But of course, I wouldnt be able to afford to do this untill after march next year...

Well time is short right now, and I gotta leave work.. Will post again soon, and share some pics..

xx Nene

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  1. Wow - a cruise sounds like fun!! I especially like the idea of kids club.

    Any idea of overall price?

    Good luck with the weight loss. Don't be so hard on yourself - even though you weren't losing during the last few months - look at how little you gained!! Just think about what you have been through and the effect it would have had on your weight in the past (or is that just me - lol!)

    I actually feel encouraged that our bands can help us maintain even when we are experiencing life's ups and downs.