Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Concerts, Travel and a Problem HooHaa

Hey all, I know I'm still not back at my frequent blogging, But hey, I'm trying.. A couple of weeks ago, I got a fill.. I think I mentioned it in my previous post.. Well I am at a point where I am pissed off with it (restriction) It is still very tight, and I have even managed to PB some ice cream.. (kick my ass for eating ice cream, bad bad bad) but when nothing much else is getting down, I gotta have something in my tum. As for the scales, well I thought with the huge lack of food getting down and staying down that it would have shifted the pesky lil scales downwards, but nope, nada, zip, zappo... I am still struggling to shift the number down by 1kg and keep it down.. its like a damn see-saw. However when I take my focus off the scales I do see in my side profile that my tum is shrinking slightly.. I will continue to suffer with the lack of food, untill the week before I go on my trip, then I will get ALL of my fill removed for whilst I am away.. Lord knows I dont want to have any complications with my band in the middle of Africa.. lol... a place where "Big is beautiful" ... well hold on... it is, but I dont feel it when I am big.. Sooo...
on the 21st of Nov, my fam is getting together for an early christmas, because this is the first Christmas that I will ever have been away at the festive time. We will exchange gifts and have a day around the pool at my parents house with a roast and a bbq.. I will honestly say that I intend to eat up.

Another exciting thing this month... SUMMERBEATS!!! on the 19th Nov, hubby, myself and Montel are going to the Summerbeats concert..Featuring Akon, Flo Rida, Soulja Boy, DJ Nino Brown, Jay Sean, Stan Walker, Ciara and Tracie McCoy... now although I am excited, this was not my first prefference of a concert to go to.. But since not being able to secure the Usher tickets that we so desperately wanted.. they were sold in minutes :( So, to make it up to my lil guy, I surprised him with tickets to this Summerbeats concert.. I am looking forward to 6 hours of noise.. Yay!!!.. I'm sure it will be fun. Heck, I'm only 31, need to take the nanna pyjamas off and get out and boogie..

Oh Oh Oh,, the other day I did something..then thought to myself, I should blog about it.. See, I really am trying to get my blogging groove back.. Now back to what I was doing.... I was taking bites out of food (not telling what it was though , coz it was naughty) and chewing it and spitting it into the bin, it wouldnt have made it past my food nazi band at the moment anyway, BUT I came to the realisation that, unless the food goes down my throat, it doesnt satisfy my craving for it. I may not even be hungry, but still want it to go down.. Do you all get what I mean??? Brings a whole new meaning to the question "Do you prefer to spit or swallow"? ohh bad bad bad..

And now i go below the belt and tell you a problem that I have been sufferring with for a few years now.. A gyno problem.. a problem with my HooHaa... Yes, I went to the gyno after my GP always telling me that it was a dermatitis, it was thrush, it was an allergy.. But no, finally after a farkin biopsy at the gyno, I find out that I have Lichen Sclerosis.. Yes, go on, click on that link, and see what pain and sufferring I go through... is it any fricken wonder I get depression, my fricken coochie is sick, it's depressed, its just plain old sore.. Imagine, every time you pee and need to wipe yourself, it feels like I'm wiping myself with a piece of sand paper, or a grater.. And sex... dont get me started on the pain after sex... and now the gyno informs me that i have slight labial fusion..my inner lips are clinging to my outter ones... blow me farkin down.. So there you have some more insider info on me.. Although I have had this problem for a few years, it does come and go.. but this latest bout has been with me for about 7 months so far. I'm just lucky that hubby is supportive with it..

Well my lovelies, I will end here, as I am at work, and today is Melbourne Cup Day and all the pisshead punters want pies..

xx Nene


  1. I hope you have fun on your trip!! Take a lot of pics! I would love to go to the Summerbeats, it sounds like a blast! I am sorry you have problems with your hooha :(

  2. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. :( But I sure hope you have a wonderful trip.

  3. I'm hearing you about your last fill - we could be twins!!!

  4. THANK YOU so much for your comment on my blog. It means so much to me....to be understood. Thank you for reading and following and commenting...I'm happy to follow you back!

  5. Too funny in a perverted sort of way. Hope they can treat the HooHaa so you have a pleasant trip. How exciting to travel for a month. Hope it goes well.