Monday, November 8, 2010

Sharing Some Pics

About a year ago, I had a guy approach me in the local super market. He handed me his card and explained that he is a photographer and he would love to photograph Ayisha (my daughter) .. Automatically, I thought, HOLD THE HELL UP!!! creepy.. but after checking out his website, over a few months and then him and his family becoming regular customers to our shop, I got to know him and his family, and realised that they really are lovely and trustworthy peope and that there is no denying that his work is gorgeous.. So, finally after soo long, I arranged an appointment to go and see him at his studio with Ayisha, and whilst we were in there, he was explaining that he does coffe table books to raise money for a kids with cancer charity. And that he would like to feature Ayisha's pictures in a book, if I would allow.. Yada yada yada, then whilst talking about this, he asked if Ayisha had any siblings, and I pointed outside at Montel playing handball on the footpath. The photography (Greg) asked Montel to come inside and he asked me if he could also photograph Montel as well. I said yes, then a few days later we arranged a time and place to have a session. And these were the outcome.

This pic above just sums Montel up so well.. He is a very deep soul. He thinks alot, and it so sensitive.. I love him so dearly

My little bumble bee flolicking on the bushes.. By the end of the session, she was telling the photographer where she wanted to sit or pose and be captured.
If you are amongst my facebook friends, you will probably have seen a whole lot more of these photos from the session. I am so proud of my beautiful babies..
In the last few days since posting, I have had my wisdom tooth and the one next to it, surgically removed.. Fark it has hurt so much, in between taking super strong pain killers.. I'm kind of sad that the pack has run out, and am not eligable to get a repeat prescription.. They were my magical little high pills.. it was good while it lasted. the pain has subsided, and I get my stictches out on Wednesday. All I can say is thank god I got them out when i did, I cant imagine going to my Summerbeats concert with a throbbing swollen mouth.. or worse still flying out of the country with my gum stitched up.. However,I should have saved some pain killer for the flight to make me nice and drowsy. Oh well..
I am also off the anti-depressants.. and glad to be. They were sabotaging my weight loss, and making me feel like a tired lump of sedentary shit, day in day out.. Here's hoping that I can stay above it all, and stay on the up and up.. A new year is a approaching and hopefully i kick this current year away and not look back at it..
Well my lovelies, I am at work, and should really be getting back to it.. Will post again soon, I promise.. I will get my blogging mojo back.. I will..
xx Nene