Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well hello there my lovlies, those of you who are still around.. I know it has been months since I posted anything, but for almost 2 of those months, I was away over in Ghana (West Africa).. and had the time of my life.. I really didnt want to come back home from there.. It did wonders for my soul.. The weather over there was Hot Hot or Hot.. they were having the hamatan weather which they consider their winter.. Hmm, sweating and getting a good tan in winter, is not what I'm used to, but either way, it didnt take away from the fact that I loved the place to bits.
I even got to pet a crocodile, and hold it's tail whilst posing for a picture. (Will be sure to post pics)
In the time there, I got to spend some quality times with my in-laws, and there were plenty of tears when it was time to leave.. Even the kids, who were crying when we were leaving Australia to go there, were crying when we were leaving Ghana, because they loved it so much too. For the first 5 weeks of our stay we spent with the family in the north of the country (14 hour road trip) the streets and houses are all covered by a rich red dust (also made worse by the Hamatan, desert winds from the desert countries further north) Every single day my sister in law would bring a cooked meal to us and take our washing home to handwash.. I kind of felt useless... Being so used to doing these things at home, I kind of felt a little lost.. But now that I'm back into the swing of those daily chores, I realise I should have really enjoyed it more.. But instead, I just felt guilty.. She simply said that she knows I would do the same for her if she came here... Well yes, I would cook for her and do her washing, but I use a washing machine and there is only one of her, there were clothes for 4 of us... The for the last 10 days, we spent in the south, a few of those days in the capital city (Accra) and then 6 of them in a place called Busua Beach. The resort was like a little paradise on eather.. It was nice to have a little luxury before the long journey home.
I had 1.4mls left in my 5 ml band when I went over.. And on the flight, it tightened dramatically, I really couldnt eat much at all.. Even on transit in Dubai, I was running to the bathroom to get rid of my blockage only to find there being a huge line up... Ohhh, the slime, gathering in my mouth... NOT GOOD!!!! in the end i made it.. And then trying to throw up quietly when there are women coming and going in the cubicles either side of me... I just hoped they didnt think I was trying to smuggle drugs...
Anyway, after 26 hours in flights, we arrived home in Brisbane... Dog Tired...Jet Lagged...Swollen Ankles (me anyway)... and with a few kg weight gain...

Sadly 2 days after arriving home, we got the called that my father in law had passed away. We knew it was close, and we feel so blessed that we were able to spend some time with him before his passing, but it was still so upsetting.. A very strong, proud and hardworking man, whose mind was as sharp as a tack till the very end.. Passed away peacefully aged.... 107...
But now for the upside... it was only a couple of days after that, that I made a discovery... and that discovery was...............................................................................I'm pregnant... I see it as my little "Gift from Ghana"..
Soo, fast forward to today, I am 11 weeks preg and go for my first ultrasound on Monday.. I have never felt so tired and sick. I didnt get sick or tired with my first this part of it all is very new to me.. I did go a couple of weeks back and get the remainder of my fill taken out, and now my band is completely empty.. But the funny part is, I seem to be eating even less than before.. I guess it could be all part of the pregnancy.. I just hope this sickness is the textbook pregnancy kind, and will be over at the end of my first trimester.. I also want to fast forward to my mid term ultrasound to find out the sex.. In the begginning I was certain it will be a boy, but now I am not so sure.. I was dead certain with both my boy and my girl.. Ohh well only another 9 weeks till I find that out.. And no, I cant wait and keep it a suprise.. I want to get to shopping..

So my weight is now at 118kg, and I feel like shit for it, but when I look back at last year, then the trip I had... Well, so be it, I can shake it off when bub has been born..

So I hope this brings you guys up to date with me, that is if anyone still checks me out... Just call me slack...

xx Nene


  1. So sorry about the loss of your father-in-law. What a gift of time you all got!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

  2. Oh Nene!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

  3. One life ends and one begins. What an update Nene!

  4. Welcome home and what fascinating news. I think there are now about 5 bandsters with a bun in the oven. Congratulations. Waiting for pictures.

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