Friday, March 11, 2011

Pics From Ghana

Above is a set of his and hers toilets at an Ego Lodge accomodation, owned and built by our friends.. They have the primative look on the outside, but inside they are western style toilets.. Most places over there use squat toilets.. So this was a luxury to come by..
This is me and my friend the croc at a place called Paga, it cost about $3 to pose with the beast and we took our own pictures.. However for the locals, they only pay about 50cents... In this country, they are not shy to bump up the price for white tourists.. their price lists very openly have their prices for locals and prices for tourists..

You will notice I have plenty of pics of me holding or posing with babies and children.. They are just so cute.. however on this day, it was so hot, and this baby had layers of warm clothing on, and also smelled of vicks rub.. I felt even hotter just by holding him. So cute though..

Ok, my hair had been done by the time I had this pic.. It took 7 hours.. in a steaming hot rickety hair salon.. It cost me about $6.50, where as over here it cost anywhere around $400... the beauty of this style was that I didnt have to brush, or straighten it for the rest of the trip.. This ic was taken at the Cape Coast Elmina Slave Castle.. Such a sad sad history.. I was just on the other side of "The Door Of No Return", there is now a thriving fishing village there..

A family pic on the top lookout of the Slave Castle.. Seems I wore this dress alot whilst away.. But remembering, I had to pack light and comfortable without ironing.. lol... you will see plenty more pics of me in this dress..
More pics to come...