Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello to those of my remaining followers.. lol.. I have some more big news for you all.. And for those of you that are my friend of facebook, you may already know.. As I mentioned 2 posts ago, I am pregnant.. well as I think I mentioned.. I was scedualled to go for an ultrasound at 13 weeks gestation.. So off I go, bladder as full as a balloon about to pop, accompanied by my mum. I get on the bed, and the stenographer put the cold jelly on my tum, then the ultrasound thingy.. and Straight away I knew what I was seeing... Yes, I had had my suspicions, but never really thought that it would happen to me.. but... there on the screen I could see.. not 1 but 2 little sacs with heart beats.. All I could say was "Ohhh SHIT!!!" , my mum was wondering what I was on about, and i said "There's 2 in there mum" , and mum looked at the stenographer for confirmation.. she got the nod, and mum jumped up and gave me cuddles whilst I lay there numb with wonder.. So there you have it ladies, I am pregnant with twins.. at this stage I am 15 weeks, when I went for that first ultrasound, I thought I was 13 weeks, turned out that I was only 11.. so it has put me back a bit.. But in 4 weeks, I get to find out their sex.. I cant wait, I just want to go shopping. Because I know that later on, I will feel too damn big and uncomfortable to go anywhere. I am still working, but am constantly tired. The sickness has subsided, but I still get the horrible dry mouth. Nothing can quench my thirst. I wake up to pee every couple of hours through the night, so it's hard to get a decent sleep. I guess this will get me ready for waking for night feeds. God Help me!!! lol.. Weight wise, I havent gained any kgs/lbs.. But I feel as big as a house. I had all my fill taken out ( not sure if I mentioned that before) but I still cant seem to eat much, and still occasionaly get stuck. So I try to graze all day on healthy snacks, just to get enough nurtrients in for the babies. There really isnt much information out there for woman who have had lapband who are now pregnant.. A couple of things I have come accross since announcing to a few people that I am carrying twins.. #1. I get asked was the conception assisted (IVF)??? Where do people get the nerve... so many people just make assumptions, and it is a very personal question.. you dont just come out and ask that of anyone.. I'd get offended from that question whether I had used IVF or not. #2. When I tell someone that it's twins, they automatically go "Ohhhhh"in a negative way, and start giggling.. and say.. "Thats gonna be hell" ..... Usually these are people that pop babies out without a thought... they are also the kind that just ditch them in daycare each day, just so they can go and have coffee with friends... They are also the kind that dread school holidays... I simply say when they make a complaint on facebook... Why did you even have children??? There are so many woman in the world who would just be so happy to have 1 healthy pregnancy/baby/child, and here they are taking what they have for granted... I'm not completely head in the clouds thinking that twins will be a breeze, but they are a blessing in which I have been gifted. #3. They automatically go on about the band.. "Ohh what a waste, now you're gonna get fat all over again".. Well Dah... if it means that I put on weight to keep the bubs healthy, then so be it. I will however get my band tightened when I am back in the swing of things afterwards. Ok... rants over with for now.. However, I am sure I will come across more before september.. Well I best get back to work. Just wanted to update you all, and share my news.. Have a lovely day xx Nene