Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well I must say, this has been one long blogging draught. Over the last few days I have received a couple of messages, asking me what the latest is... Then when I was out yesterday with my sister, I saw Tammy ( a follower of my blog, mentioned months and months ago in my blog, who once recognized me from my pics, whilst I was out and about ) Tammy said she had been checking in on my blog and waiting for any update on what was going on with me.. Sooo, let me fill you in..
I am now 35 weeks pregga's, with 2 baby girls on board.. I am sheduled for my c section (and tubal ligation) on 13th September. 13 days to go!!!!
Although this pregnancy has been difficult, I have remained really quite healthy as far as no issues with blood pressure, gestational diabetes etc... I have had no ankle swelling, morning sickness subsided at the textbook time of 4 months.. I guess the only thing to complain of is the fact that I have developed veins where I never knew veins could be.. Each time I stand, I feel like I have royally been kicked in the coochie.. it does subside after a minute or two, but it very uncomfortable. My legs now resemble city street maps, all of raised bummpy purple veins. They also throb at times.. But hey, I know some women suffer so badly, so I consider myself one of the lucky ones.
I do have one complaint that I wont appologise for and that is how fricken heavy my stomach feels. When walking, sitting, laying down, it feels so damn heavy. The Obstetrician told me that I am carrying at least 5kg (11lb) of fluids within my stomach, not to mention the weight os the 2 placentas and the bubs.. Currently Baby A is weighing 6lb 1oz and Baby B is 4lb 12 oz.. which is just 4.5kg of babies weight.. Add them together, and I have at least 10kg (22lb) of weight just sitting in my front.. Which makes for very little and uncomfortable sleep.. And as for my personal weight gain, I have gained 10kg in this pregnancy.. Which I guess is lucky.. Some women gain a whole lot more, and the most important part is that babies are healthy, which they are.
The smaller of the 2 bubs is currently the correct average weight of a single bub at my gestation, so I'm guessing that the larger of the 2 is just a little guts.. lol.. The doctors arent too alarmed, because both are still gaining weight..
I do however have to go and have ultrasounds and hospital visits each week now. Certainly makes for some fun and interesting people watching.. lol..
I am extremely fearfull of the c section coming up though.. Although I have already had 2 of them, I detest the thought of being awake whilst my body is open, feeling them tug and pull at me to get the bubs and placentas out.. I fear that I will become nauseas whilst they are operating, and the horrible feeling of the shivers.. It would be so much more relaxing if I could just go under a general anesthetic for the procedure, but in saying that, I want to be able to see my girls as soon as they are born.. Time will tell, and what will be will be.. As long as these bubs are healthy is the main thing.
I will also say that when I had the ultrasound to find out the sex of the bubs, myself, hubby, and almost everyone around us were in shock to discover that it is 2 girls.. I had predicted very other variation, but not 2 girls.. All I could think of was... 2 more heads of wild curly out of control afro hair to deal with.. But then had to giggle to myself thinking, what gave me the right to think my prediction would be the right one.. Hubby was taken aback, and I'm thinking a little in denial, partly because he was hoping that the passing of his father would bring forward for us a little boy.. But he has happily adjusted to the fact that he is aquiring 2 more daughters. Montel (our son) was litteraly in tears for the whole afternoon, asking me why I couldnt just have had at least 1 boy. He was devestated. I told him to look on the bright side and that he wouldnt have to share any of his boy toys, to which he replied that he would love to share them , and would be such a good brother to a baby boy.. I told him that he is a wonderful brother to the sister he already has, and that I know he will be wonderful for the twins. He has come around, but now every time I go for an ultrasound, he asks me to ask them to check for he really is a precious boy. I love him with all my heart..
As time gets closer, I do find myself worrying of how I will spread my time amongst 4 children.. I do not want the older 2 to ever feel left out.. I am however, lucky that they are both in school, which will give me quality baby time though the day and hopefully work on a routine to help Montel and Ayisha with homework and leisure time after school.. It'll take time, but I'll get there. I recently heard a saying "God wouldnt give us what we couldnt handle" ... I'm not religious, but I'm depending on this mantra to get me through.. lol..

Well there is probably alot that I still havent covered, but die to this baby brain, its all I can think of.. Any questions, or ideas to give.. please drop me a line..

xx Nene
Pics to come..


  1. My twin girls were born at 35 wks weighing 6 lbs and 6 lbs 12 oz. They start kindergarten next week. :) The mantra that has gotten me through some of the tougher moments is, "It will never be any harder than it is right now, different yes, but not harder."