Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcoming Aaliyah and Malikah

Aaliyah (right) 5lb 9 oz Malikah (left) 4lb 13 oz. Born Tuesday 13th Sept 2011
My Amazing Children..

Leaving hospital.. they are so tiny in their capsules

The day before my c section..

My first cuddles with both of them.. they actually look a whole lot bigger in this pic.. they really are so tiny.. size 000000 and size 00000

I have so much to say, but right now sleep in on my mind.. I do promise to post very soon, and get the ball rolling with my weight loss again.. My pre preg weight was 119kg, I got up to 133kg on the day of the birth, and a week and 3 days later I am back down to 120kgs.. I am however very sad to see how floppy my tummy has become.. oh well my little angels are so worth it..

Upates and lots more pics to come..

xxx Nene