Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Hello Hello

Wow, it's been so long since I posted,( heck, even blogger has changed a little) and although I have been wanting to post, getting the time to sit and focus on myself doesn't come easy. These 2 little button cherubs, pictured below, are a whirlwind. Now aged 14 months, the past year is pretty much a blur.. But a good blur. They have brought so much joy to my life. But right now, I'm going to get down to my little weight loss update..
I am currently weighing 103.1kg.(227lb) Which is my lowest since getting banded. HOWEVER.. I don't have my band to thank for this most recent loss. As I last posted, just after the birth, I was weighing 120kg (264lb), well my weight see saw'd for the last year, but pretty much staying around the 120kg mark. Give or take 3 kgs.. But then I come into contact with a woman who had dropped a shitload of weight, very quickly. What is it?? The HCG Diet.. I know that it is popular in America, but this was the first I had heard of it.. Well I have been on it for 33 days, and have lost 14kg (30lb) . It is one of the only diets that I have ever stuck to, and is very strict, but when I get to weigh myself each morning, and see a difference on the scales, it spurs me on to continue. I am feeling physically great.. But once again, it's the emotional side that needs work.. Also it's hard to explain to some people that even though I have the band, I need to go on a diet.
Sometimes I wish I knew about this diet before i got the band.. BUT, would I have stuck to it back then? I hadn't had a taste of how being slimmer felt. But now, I am so anxious to get below 100kg (220) before Christmas. And with this my new intention to make myself more accountable and focus somewhat on myself, I will keep you all ( if I have any followers left) in the loop. So, if any of you that are on my facebook notice that I am slipping in the blog updates, please give me another nudge :) (Thanks Lara)

Well right now, I am at work, and things are getting hectic. I will get back in the next day or 2 and post some new pics for you to see. And I will try to get my blogging mojo back.. lol

xx Nene