Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photo Update

Hello Ladies.. I hope everyone is well. Just a little photo update.. I've been maintaining at 97-98kg for the last 6 weeks, so tomorrow I am going on another round of the HCG diet.. I'm so close to my 50kg loss.. I'll be so happy when I've done it.. (96.6kg) I will say, I was extremely overwhelmed when I got below 100kg , I have never weighed anything below 100kg since being with hubby. Its been a looong time.
I am finding it strange to see my reflection in a shop window.. Or picking up a pair of jeans and thinking to myself, They aren't going to fit, they look too small.. And lo and behold, with a little shimmy into them, they fit!!!

Taking a brief look back over this blog of mine, I realize how many ups and downs I have had emotionally and within my marriage.. So I better give you an update on that too. After a very tumultuous few months after the twins were born, everything came to a head, and I was ready to end it all.. But after me learning to communicate and him waking up and realizing his responsibilities, we have made things work and are stronger than we ever have been in our 12 years of marriage. I am also a happier and (getting more confident) person, and it rubs off on him to see my inner happiness.. But in saying that I do have my down days, something I wish I could just shake away. 

The twins are now 18 months old, Ayisha is 7 and my beautiful boy is all grown up, he will be 13 next week. Where has the time gone?

As I have promised, I do intend posting more.. More pics to come :)

Nene xx